Can we get an option to reject gold tips?


This is going to be an unpopular request, but it would be nice if we could reject gold tips with the ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature or with a new option. It could automatically send a return tip, so it looks like both players tipped each other instead.


But… why? If you’re super salty?


Funny i was just thinking this after a game today the tip kinda feels like a troll feature like if you beat a team in football and threw a quarter at them after the game lmao itd be nice if there was options for higher tips if your gonna show good sportsmanship maybe it should be higher. Or if you had the option to send a quick message like “that was a good game”. Idk just some thoughts.



You’ll take my Gold and like it (except against my F2Ps, where you lose for free). =S


I’m just here to save up gold for the next next expansion. They may think that they are trolling me, but I’m actually 5 gold closer to getting a new pack!



Well played.

The enemy barbarian tips 5 gold for crushing you, seeing you driven before him and hearing the lamentation of your women.


Thread posts can tell you the mindset of people. What could have happen in a game where we do t speak to each other… Did he spam his emotes to many times? I could understand if someone was stalling the game waiting for the timer to run down. I would agree with th at but megamogwai ALWAYS PLAYS LIKE that lol. But srsly a player who stalls games they are losing I wouldn’t want gold from them either.


Maybe I’m just a cheap date. But I’m happy when I get tipped. Gold is hard to get where I come from😊


Precisely. I mean, it’s 5 free gold, shut up and take it.
If you don’t like the guy, you just took 5 gold from him.
If you do like the guy, he just kindly gave you 5 gold.


Soon on your screen : can we get an option to reject a Legendary from an orb ?

I mean, I feel insulted, just like the game is telling me my cards are weak and giving me a Legendary. I want the opportunity to not open and destroy it.

Seriously … :laughing:


I don’t like tipping either. It’s an insult. What’s the difference between being insulted by someone’s ingame handle and someone’s tip? There isn’t one.


Insult I tip mainly when I have a close good game… That speaks to the type of person to u are but I’m not like that. You don’t even speak or interact much with your opponents but you’ve already decided what they think you are and how Jerry they are. That just speaks to a childish sense of losing which speaks to a bigger problem I would wish to speak about on the forum as the mobile launch comes near but for a later time.


So basically I’m crazy and Duelyst and CPG and exacerbating my various ism’s and mental deficiencies? Not a great stance for CPG to have. If I can complain about someone having an insulting ingame handle and force them to get it changed, I should be able to refuse a tip.


Usually a tip isn’t an insult, it’s a compliment. I believe most people tip because their opponent deserved the win, or some sort of reward for the way they played. :smile:


It doesn’t matter what the tipper’s intention is. If I walk up to you and punch you in the gut, your first instinct isn’t to smile and say thanks because maybe, just maybe, I meant it as a compliment.


Ok, what if i walked up to you and gave you 5$, would you be mad? you’re acting like tipping is meant as an insult when I feel most people believe it is not.


Who cares what you “feel”? This is a personal issue, just like feeling insulted by someone’s ingame name.


Please don’t personally attack someone for saying they would prefer to choose for themselves. Nobody is saying how they feel about tips to hurt you, there is no reason to get upset. Everybody is different, there is no reason why we can’t feel differently about what comes across as patronizing. You are more than welcome to explain why you think we are unreasonable.

Look at your own comment, it’s only purpose is to be insulting, first you call him mentally ill and then you mock him. For someone who thinks trust is the reason why people don’t like tips, you are a prime example of why people don’t trust strangers online.

I don’t like being tipped, therefore I don’t tip. It’s not that I hate everyone and want to hurt them, I try to be consistent about how I feel. I used to tip because I would feel bad for the loser after a tough game, I would reassure them with ‘well played’ and give them a tip, but players don’t need me to reassure or pity them just because they lost a game to me, I was being arrogant.

I find it patronizing, that is about my pride, just like tipping is about the winners ego, we all have them and don’t need to be ashamed of that. I have never seen the loser tip the winner, no matter how exciting a game is, people don’t tip just because a game is good, it’s always the superior player who tips. To the losing player, getting their spare change can be considered insulting.


Depends. If it was a close match, then sure, it’s a nice gesture. If it was a stomp, it’s just “Here’s some money, kid. Go clean yourself up.”


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