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Can someone send fun decks


can someone send some fund decks or fun deck ideas? :slight_smile:


Look for my mindsteal list on the forums
It’s an arcanyst starhorn with mindsteal to help us. We try to make it free with abjucators and then we get free minions.


I’ve cooked up a few decks that I’ve been waiting to showcase for a while; viable or not, I’ve had illegal amounts of fun with all of these decks.

Golem Faie

Absurdly cheap and refreshingly neolithic, this ancient yet contemporary blend of wholesome minions and spells goes down clean on an unfavorable day! The idea is ridiculously direct; remove opponent’s minions with cheap spells, lay giants all over their face, and watch their plan fall to pieces as you steamroll your way to victory.

You could probably sub out the Vanquisher for almost anything else.

This deck got me from Rank 5 - 3 last season, and I’m continuously tuning it. Any suggestions are welcome!

Kage Kaleos

Do you enjoy smugly commenting on the state of the meta, while you shame people that use popular decks? Search no more, weary traveler, for I have the deck guaranteed to turn your enemy’s hatred into pity! Each card was meticulously and haphazardly tossed into this horrible amalgamation of an archetype, that, when thoroughly blended, wheezes it’s desire to die.

This deck has maybe a 40%-50% win rate? A few more wins than losses, but the entertainment value of the wins far exceeds the undesirable, introspective thoughts on losing.

Meltdown, Paddo, Pandora, Zen’Rui? Sure, why not?
Keshrai for spell denial and Night Watcher for Rush denial? Okay, I see.
Phantom IF combos? I don’t care.

Does this deck work?

Who the hell knows.


You can also check all Ryan’s decks : https://forums.duelyst.com/users/RyanH/activity/topics

And I made a small compilation and humble contribution with goofy decks here :


I’ve been playing a swarmy magmar deck to abuse thraex, and it’s quite fun, though I do lack some cards. It’s essentially just any small drops you can run (especially the magmar battle pets), combined with shiro and primus to boost attack further. For my higher drops I run Nature’s confluence and that one guy who gets reduced cost per minion played.


Search Dark Memes for my Abyssian meme decks, 3 so far and more incoming once I improve my collection :slight_smile:


ephemeral shroud 100% of the time.


Try this, add more Fractal for more memes


Well here is basically an OTK Vet list. I would call it semi-competitive but I do not play much anymore. When Siphon Energy was nerfed, it was the only deck I had that was unaffected by it, thus I only played it. When Rise of the Bloodborn was released, I decided to take a break from the game(as a Vet main, I was sad to see that the most exciting card from the expansion for Vetruvian was a REPRINT, of Second Wish and nevertheless a nerfed reprint…).

I decided to get back into the game when the last batch of nerfs were released. However since I still do not play often, and that I haven’t reached Diamond with the decklist, I wouldn’t call it competitive.

The key cards in this deck are time maelstrom, Circle of Desiccation, and Abjudicator. Discounts on maelstrom and Circle stack extremely well. A turn 6-7 Circle can be game winning in many matchups, and a 1-2 mana time maelstrom allows for OTK’s to be achieved much earlier. Getting a discount on tears does help, however since they are already 1 mana, double abjudicator does not stack on them.

For that reason, I am interested in trying out Autarch’s Gifts since that can be discounted and not to mention that the tax on your “hand size”(as in non combo cards you can have at your disposal each turn), is less than two artifacts.

Zephyr is another card that is interesting since turning yourself into a makantor warbeast is honestly rather appealing.

There are not any aymaras/grandmasters in this deck since every other minion does not demand removal and therefore they will always be removed, since there isn’t like a dialtos that might tempt someone to eggmorph it. Honestly this is not a control deck even though it can seem like it at times(due to the two circles).

There isn’t any healing since you plan to finish off your opponent before your health total matters(hence why it isn’t a control deck).

Also from playing this deck, I found that sandtrap is rather decent as a two of(NEVER as a three of due to the size of the board), especially when you discount it to 1 mana. However be wary of using it in the late game since it does not create card advantage.

Have fun!


Decks with Abjudicator and Alcuin Loremaster are all super fun :slight_smile:

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