Can someone make a "Anti Fun" Deck?


I’m talking just locking down your opponent. Frigid corona, icy, and walls are a good start, but what else can we do to make you hate your life and want to concede?

Because I’m a mean person I enjoy this sort of thing.

Kinda like a control deck, but more annoying. Our wincon is our opponent conceding.


See, this convinces me to find a way for you to get admitted into a psychiatric hospital rather than give you a deck.


Thank you very much, kind sir.

When I play chess I like to take out all their pieces and let their king hop around the board for a few turns instead of finishing them off.
Something like that.


We call that chronic sadism


I love your idea, what you described is my goal since I started the game: to have a control so underwelming that your opponent has to concede. It’s rather hard to achive though, because meta is just too fast for something like that. But we can always dream right?
Ok, let’s get started. I think Magmar and Vanar are the way to go. For Magmar I would take some Rancours Young Silitars and Azure Heralds as an early game, mid game Drogon, maybe even earth sister. I don’t really know if is there a way to fill 5 drop slot but there are plenty of 6 drops like Makantor, Groovy Lion and Bonereaper maybe even Meltdown as a super lategame. Also Kitties and Diretide Frenzy for mini makantor. That 2 mana frenzy artifact and removals like NS, Eggs, Plasma Storm and Bunnies on Steroids. Also Earth Sphere with Alucin to maximaze the annoyance.
I actually have a deck like that I will upload it in few minutes.


Epic! Thanks dood


I’m kinda like you, but I prefer option limitation through aggression. You make it so that they HAVE to answer your threats or the die the next turn, and eventually they’ll just run out of answers. At that point, they die the next turn. It’s still hella frustrating, but it’s also competitively viable.


I honestly don’t care about viablility, I just want to make people hate me!


Yeah, this accomplishes that fine enough. Plus you can get called a tryhard.


Haha, the things I find fun are sometimes refereed to as “Anti Fun” I really like winning the long race by being completely absolutely ahead of the opponent when they have no chance of winning. The early game is always rough, but if you can survive without being to far behind on board these decks win the late game. All of them have a decent amount of healing and don’t rely on burst except the Vanar one. The decks I have that try to accomplish this are:

Ultimate Control Vaath- Heal 20-30 HP everygame while removing every threat. Emerald Rejuvenator, Earthsphere, Alcuin Loremaster. Win by drawing out the game till your opponent is topdecking. Smack them in the face 2 times to kill them.
Note the reduced cost of my Earthspheres(2/3/3) I could heal 24 HP in one turn if I wanted to, AND THEN BBS. Fun fact, you CAN NOT under any circumstance out heal Ghost Azalea if you don’t have a way to ping off charges.

Arcanyst Lyonar/Vanar/Abyssian- Prismatic Illusionist/Owlbeast Sage combo to flood the board. Lyonar buffs minions(Plasma Storm counterplay) and self heals ungodly amounts. Vanar has burst through Polarity and Aspect of the Drake. Abyssian has Keilano, wraithlings, and best cheap spells to spam.

Artifact Argeon- Heal stall until you have artifact combos. Arclyte, Dawns Eye, Grove Lion. Strong against decks/factions that don’t have ping or artifact destruction.

I really like healing, especially with how popular aggro is. Against the more aggressive lists, if you can heal 10-15 HP you pretty much win unless they have godlike card draw(Trinity Oath I am looking at you)

If you want to see any of the lists let me know and I will post them.


If your goal is to make your opponent concede, you could try “cough cough” ramp Variex. Fortunately, it isn’t used much in the higher ranks, but in silver or maybe gold you could torture the poor generals of Mythron.


Have you ever wanted to say screw you to your opponent by lengthening the game so much they concede? Have you ever wanted to prevent your opponent from ever making an attack while they cry themselves to sleep? Have you ever waned to spend a whole 6 turns where your opponent can basically do absolutely nothing? If the answer to any of these questions is yes…

This Anti-Fun deck is the deck for you! With a total of 21 healing and 3 whole cards that prevent you from taking damage for a turn, you’re sure to survive for a while. This coupled with your truly great BBS will whittle away your opponents will until the best option is simply a concede. Eventually you will summon a Meltdown, and like you may of guessed, you’re opponent will be melting down wondering if there really is a god and why they would ever let someone play such a misery inducing deck! Then you’ll play your BBS and hurt your opponent for 2 and one of their friends will fall to the seven damage from the Meltdown as you draw near the wails of the opponent will stop and all will be still as you approach their position and see… the textbook signs of suicide… You alone inflicted this, you alone forced the blade into their throat to end the suffering of the everything, you alone killed them by suicide…

Unless you’re playing Magmar, then you’ll be hit by 3 entropic gaze’s plus thumping tiger and two general hits with 3 attack… the ultimate Screw You from the Gods. May they bless your soul to thine eternal father’s presence for the cruelty and oppression you doth faced in your life…

Also, It’s AN “Anti Fun” Deck. You see I even ruined your fun :stuck_out_tongue:


All you have to do is make a rushmar deck and utilize makantor, flash reincarnation, and keeper of the vale in order to pump out makantor after makantor. Just check the nerf threads


Needs Alcuin for more invincibility and walls


If you want more invincibility/screw the rules I have provokes. Cut Cloaker for Alcuin/Sorcerer, I just didn’t put them in since I sort of wanted to make a semi-viable deck ontop of the swear words your opponent will be shouting :yum:

What is wrong with me…


I already hate you, expect no mercy from the sands in game lizard.

Ps. Im just roleplaying cause its fun i dont hate u yet


The most anti fun play is letting your opponent a hope he can kill you and then come back pretty hard.
That’s why you should play a zyran heal lyonar with Blood Taura instead of meltdown.
For example you are 5-6 hp and put one 12/12 taunt and heal like 10 hp.
Because most of the time it’s lategame they used all their removal and can’t do anything against it.

And don’t forget to play Riddle it’s a must.



#Top tier anti fun list:
###S-rank : Riddle

Here are some advice:

  • Riddle fill ennemy hand with shite cards. You can Hailstone Prison your own riddle for more garbage hand.
  • concealing shroud into alcuin loremaster you can have until 6 extra turn.
  • Conlealing shroud at like 4 hp turn with 2 Blood Taura. That’s how you break hope !

###A-rank : Unkillable

  • Heal: There is 16 heal card in this deck plus 3 Grandmaster Zir in case of huge OTK which synergise pretty well with Blood Taura. You are not afraid to be low HP to have a discount Blood Taura. That’s how you break hope!

  • Aoe : There is 2 Decimate. After you played your first decimate they won’t played around anymore. Tbh noone play around decimate at all.


Ultimate control Vaath and the arcanyst ones interest me.