Can someone explain when the BBS refreshes?


This should be Duelyst 101, but it is horribly confusing to me. We all know the high-level picture: the BBS becomes available at the third turn and then at alternated turns, up to 9 mana when it becomes available every turn.

However, it seems the counter on the UI does not always provide accurate information in non-standard cases. A few questions:

  1. if I don’t use the BBS, it stays available during the next turn and it may become usable twice in a row even before 9 mana, right? This means that, as player 1, the BBS refreshes at 3, 5, 7, 9, but it can be used at 4 if not used at 3. Right?

  2. how is the interaction with the Cryptographer? Are all the extra BBS uses in addition to standard uses, or does it “desync” the expected refresh times?

I think it would be very important to fix the UI to provide reliable information. For the time being, a quick and dirty recipe to plan when the BBS will be available would be appreciated.

  1. Yes.
  2. Crypto effect is independent. If it was already available, it’ll have no effect. Unavailable will be refreshed. Available, used, the Crypto summoned will refresh it but nothing will desync the standard timer.


Thank you, phayze! However, I believe some patch fucked up the UI at some point, I’m pretty sure it was not so confusing back then. I think the UI should tell when the BBS will be available, not its refresh time. That information is “static”, no need to show it. There was a thread on this, but I can’t find it anymore


Yeah, I believe the graphic of the timer was fucked over when DoS dropped and hasn’t been fixed since then.


Yeah, I think it can be a concern figuring out when the BBS will trigger next. To simplify it, player 1 gets their BBS on turns with even-numbered mana cores starting at 4, while player 2 gets the BBS on turns with odd-numbered mana cores starting at 5, which changes to having it every turn when reaching 9 mana.

As for Chryptographer, I’m not as sure. I know it resets your BBS immediately, but if you don’t use it, I guess the effect can go to waste if not used before your BBS would be available next.


What I only noticed after playng for four months: if you hover over the BBS icon with your mouse, you can tell whether it’ll be usable in the next turn. The indicator: the animation. If the BBS is animated, it means it could’ve been used in the last turn and will (still) be usable in the upcoming turn. If it’s static, it means it will only be usable once its indicated cooldown timer has passed.

Or in other words: the BBS will always refresh when the little number above the BBS icon says it will refresh. And if you haven’t payed attention to what your opponent did last turn (or your forgot what you did during your turn), you can move your mouse over the BBS icon and if the animation starts playing, it means that you will be able to use it next turn.


Fancy trick! For now it will do, thanks


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