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Can somebody play this deck for me?


Hey guys!
I was playing around with flash cassyva destiny and I made this deck;

can somebody who has the cards play the deck and tell me how it goes? I want to to play it myself but I can’t because lack the spirit.
Thanks guys!



can you please explain the…point of this deck?


Swarm the enemy with endless waves of sarlacs!


but… why 3 zurael and nether summoning??? Those are unneeded because trial is the swarm.


no, because when the sarlacs die, you play zurael and summon them all back. Doubles the sarlacs. nether isint really needed


Yea, but so does the trial. And it goes insane with blood echoes later. I would add in 3Shadowdancer, 3DFS and 3Aphotic drain+2 Fugitive to replace Unbirth, Nether, Zurael and 2 Echoes


aight but your making the deck good… thats bad… btw whats DFC? and the point of the deck is to make just mare sarlacs. There can be a good version and a meme version of this deck.


DFS is Darkfire Sacrifice, and if you wanna go full meme, add in Keeper of the vale


Honeslty if you are new you shouldn,t go for memes…memes tend to be alot more expensive than competetively viable decks and its much harder to get your quests and end of season rewards when playing memes only


Thanks! But I have plenty of viable decks ATM and am set enough competitively. Id like to play around with memes cause they’re fun though.


Luckily, I just crafted 2 Zuraels yesterday, and already had one, so I could play this deck, but the problem is that Zurael only summons when the minion is killed on your opponents turn…and who wants to actually hit a Sarlac/Gor?

Zurael is also too slow for this deck, and lowers consistency, along with Nether.

Xor is kind of already a meme, but this is a bit too much, because a lot of the cards need very specific combos, that you aren’t really enabling. Pure Xor is already fine, and doesn’t need all of these flashy cards.


Unbirth has no place in this deck. It only works well with Rush minions. And your Sarlacs also only have 1/1. Even if you kill 5 with Unbirth it will only be a 5/5.


It is clear that you are a good man.

Good men have no place in the Abyssian Host.

Leave while your soul is still intact.


But they have the spiciest memes :crying_cat_face: … Ive been maining vet and mag, don’t worry too much


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