Can Grailmaster Be Good?


I personally think that Grailmaster can be a good winning card. I think that you should not craft it since it still would be a waste. This card, as I have seen it used before, can be a good card to finalize a win condition. However, the card mostly works in a Lionar deck, and not really any others. Magmar could run it, however all the other Generals and Factions do not have the equipment typically to use this minion properly. If the tide of battle is in your favor, and you are in the late-game, you can use Grailmaster to keep the victory for you by playing small minions like Windblade Adepts. In doing so, the next turn some of your bigger minions may be gone with board clears, however Lionar and Magmar can buff up Grailmaster and play a ton of small minions in order to win the game with it.

With all of that said, I still would not use it. Just, use it if you still have some extra slots to fill in a deck.


lilithe - her BBS spawns 2 wraithlings and there are a bunch of wraithling spawners to buff up grailmaster.
kara + zirix - they already have swarm/flood decks with obelysks and walls that can help buff up grailmaster


no it will never work give up on your dreams


As it is I don’t see Grailmaster doing better than other expensive 7 mana cards since it needs to both survive and the user needs to generate enough minions to give it all the abilities. Maybe if rush was added to the pool…


Something worth noting with the more mana expensive cards, is that if they do nothing the turn they are played they are extremely vulnerable to removal. Being vulnerable to removal and costing a lot of mana is hurt. Opening Gambits/End of Turn Effects circumvent this by instantly generating some value for you before your opponent can destroy it. Think Dancing Blades. Most of the time you need to use removal on it, but if it already killed something with OGambit then it trades 2 for 1.

If you drop down a Grailmaster behind you and your opponent can’t remove it then it is going to wreak havoc. Summoning 3 minions during your next turn is easily doable and you are almost guaranteed to get Ranged, or some other extremely potent combo of keywords(Flying/Celerity, Flying/Frenzy, etc…) you are pretty much guaranteed to win if not then it will be a huge lead generated.

However if they destroy it with a spell then you have nothing. Just about all removals cost less than 7 Mana so you are behind a few mana on tempo.

Now take a look at Pandora. You get -3 ATK and +4 HP. 10HP is a ton. You pretty much can not kill it by trading into it, it demands spell removal. At the end of your turn you also get a 3/3 Wolf.(4 out of 5 abilities are useful in just about any situation.) If they remove pandora(roughly 4 mana or so), then you still have a Wolf that they need to deal with. I would guess that a Wolf is roughly 4 mana worth of tempo, and they will often need to commit another card to deal with it.

You will be even or ahead on tempo if they remove Pandora with a spell, and it will often trade card advantage 2 for 1 in your favor. Yes Pandora is kinda slow, but I think it is a strong card. Against aggro it can still be useful as you can use it to body block. If silenced a 3/10 body is still a very strong force, especially if you have any sort of buffs.


Grailmaster is nice in my experience, especially with Lilith.



It can work in Abyssian, I know I got to Gold my first time with an Aby deck that used Grailmaster as a win condition.

The trick is having a combo in place to summon a lot of creatures fast as you play it, or after you play it, so it will immediately get ranged/celerity/flying, etc. At least one of those three abilities.

I know that it’s considered slow, but if you play it when the opponent has no card advantage and is top-decking, it turns into a fine win condition within a reasonable 2 turn time frame. Maybe less if you run Darkfire Sacrifice to reduce it’s cost, or something similar with another faction (like Magmar has with Flash Reincarnation for example.)


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