Came here with the Humble Bundle crowd, just hit gold and wondering how I should advance my deck from here


I just hit Gold, and my deck has been able to win fairly consistently up to now. I’m wondering if it’s even worth it to shoot for diamond this month, or if I should just do quests for the time being- an Epic and a Legendary are worth the hard work, not sure if a Rare is really worth all the effort to get into diamond- and I’m not sure if I even have a deck capable of such even if I did put in the time; getting into gold, all the wins I’ve had recently were pretty close games, with only one feeling like I dominated the match- which tells me that high silver/low gold is right where I belong. Advice on Reddit helped me a lot in advancing thus far, and at this point, my deck is solid, but not optimal.

So here’s my current deck:

As you can probably tell by looking at it, I go for a swarm/Deathwatch build. Bloodmoon Priestess and Shadowdancer are my mainstays, and I kind of want to get a third of Bloodmoon, maybe Shadow but not sure about her. I’d love to get another Sarlac, probably replacing one of my Gors- love the little guys, but a bit more control would be worth the extra point of mana, as well as the fact that he typically respawns closer to the action. Firestarter I’ve found rather lacking, and is probably the first choice for removal from my deck- if I get Inquisitor Kron or even a second copy of Prismatic Illusionist, he’s probably gone immediately. Sure, he has better stats and his minions get rush, but his minions do less damage than Illusionist, and I just don’t find him to really be worth the two extra mana. I might end up replacing a Gloomchaser- they’re great in the early game, but late game I typically find I want something with more oomph, unlike say Ritual Banishing which is great from beginning to end.

So, thoughts? What do you think I should add or remove?


Hey there, and welcome to the game :slight_smile:

There’s so much potential now with decks that nothing I say is gospel, but a few suggestions:

You probably don’t need 3x Gloomchasers AND 3x wraithling swarm. I know you’re going for the synergy etc but that’s a lot of slots dedicated to a lot of easily removed units. Stick in the artefact that gives you a wraithling on every hit instead of one of the wraithling swarms I’d say.

Also, Rite of the Undervault is overrated. For draw, you’re batter off going with an actual unit like Mogwai or anything which has deathwise: Draw a card etc.

Prismatic illusionist and Firestarter…just get rid of them :wink:

3x Gor is overkill too. I also find Deepfire Devourers way too risky. Sure you can get a big hit if you’re lucky but it takes so much set up. I would always run 2 x Spectral Revenants. You can keep the Vorpal too.

Essentially I’m aiming to make your deck more reliable, with a slightly more stable curve and some options for a win condition if your swarms get removed too easily.

Let me know how you get on!


I’m not an abyssian player, let’s just say I don’t have any love for the faction. I can see as you stated and from looking at your deck that you will more than likely not be able to afford the cards I list (they will all be legendaries) but these are something to aim for if you enjoy the swarm style.

2x Deathfire Crescendo (DFC)
Amazing card, requires some prior setup but then again, so does everything else and this serves as a powerful win condition.

2x Soul Grimwar
Essentially, DFC for your general, serving as amother win-con and a powerful finisher, Lillithes artifact that is the precursor to Cassyva’s Ghost Azalea

2x Spectral Revenant
Absurdly powerful minion and by far one of the best 7 drops in the game, and definitely the strongest between the factions. No reason not to include this if you can.

1x Vorpal Reaver
A very scary minion that happens to synergise with your deck’s theme. As a warning, be careful your deck isn’t TOO top heavy with these high cost minions.

That’s all I’ve got to say, the rest has been covered in other posts or your own. The only last thing I’d mention is that your deck seems a bit spell-heavy, not sure of you’re supposed to have that many in a Swarm deck.


Hi there,

While my opinion probably doesn’t hold as much water as some of the S-Rank players I do play a ton of Abyssian so I think I can be of some assistance. But before I give any advice however, I do recommend you read sir Althurs posts on Abyssian deck types they are very solid.

The biggest miss for me in your deck is void steal. Granted the card requires some board to be ultra useful but it is extremely versatile. It buffs small minions while eliminating danger from pesky provokes or other creatures that have effects based on them dealing damage. If you have a big enough board and good positioning it can be a game ending burst easily producing 8-12 damage. At rare it isn’t expensive to craft and simply outperforms soulshatter in my experience.