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Calling RyanH ! Deckbuilding Challenge : outsiders versus swarm!

A call for @RyanH aka The Royal Shrike !
Of course, this is open for everyone also :wink:

Your mission if you accept it, is to build a deck, from any faction, that could be efficient versus swarm (dervishes, wraithlings). The only “forced staple” are the 3 card below. Of course you can add the traditional ones on the side (Skorn, Tempest, Twin Strikes, whatever).

As always, should you or any of your I.D.F* be caught or killed or humiliated on ladder, the Secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions. This thread will self-lock in fourteen days without answer. Good luck, Ryan.

* I.D.F. : Impossible Deckbuilding Force

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Oh dear Christ.

I’m going to bed now, so let me tackle this with a clear state of mind.


Done. If anyone else has a different take on this, I’m all ears.


I chose Healyonar because the BBS lets you keep your minions (and yourself) alive. Imagine the swarm like a relenting wave, yet they dash themselves on the rocks of Zir’an in vain, never passing the immovable statue that is you.

Honestly, I don’t like Ironclad in this deck since it doesn’t really help against smaller swarm decks, which will be useless tokens that aren’t worth dispelling,

Think about dervishes with wishes spells, and awesome wraithlings :stuck_out_tongue:
From what I see, between spell buffs, cards like Furiosa and Variax, few swarm deck are using “vanilla” (1/1 or 2/2) minions.
I’ll give it a try :wink:
Thanks !

If you’re going against Variax, sub Sunbreaker for Sunset Paragon.

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