Buying trough steam


I made a post about this earlier on technical support but since i didn’t get an answer i post here to see if somebody has found a way to buy things with real money trough steam wallet, since steams tells me the overlay is not supported for my OS(Window 7), im kind of mad to be real, im trying to give money to the company who made this great game but a simple thing as the overlay of steam dosn’t allow me.


I haven’t had a problem although I use windows 10. Guess the obvious thing to ask is, have you opened Duelyst with Steam? If not, try opening duelyst through steam first. Then the next thing is, do you have steam overlay disabled? Try checking the settings in steam to make sure. It may sound silly to ask these questions but usually the simplest solution is found by going through the simple steps.


i open it trough steam, and i have it on.
i belive this is a problem with the game, maybe a bug or they don’t care about windows 7 users since most of people have newer versions of windows.

thei said they would resolve the issue in sep, 2016


Well not sure what to suggest, unless someone with windows 7 has paid through steam wallet since then. Probably have to wait for a response from a dev to see if they have a solution.


Maybe you just have to update steam.


i did close and open steam and nothing happend.


Solution (I did this for a similar problem): log into steam on another computer, duelyst is a low storage 8 minute download, buy whatever, uninstall.

I’m sure you have a friend/coworker/parent/public library that you can do this on. Not the easiest solution, but it works


i was going to do that, but for me the download takes an hour, i don’t live in a country that has good internet in the whole country, sadly my download speed is low, still i should not have to go trough so much problems to GIVE MONEY to them.


said that, i alredy got a response from ryv, so no need for furter discussion.
Thanx all the people that tryied to help


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