Buy and Dust Bloodborn packs?


This might be a stupid question, so excuse me, but i didnt find anything on this yet.

Are you able to buy more than one of the $20 blood born packs? If so, are you able to then dust the extras? I feel like this is not possible, but i wanted to double check here.



You can’t disenchant Bloodborne cards, nor craft them so you can’t buy any more than enough orbs to get all of the cards in the set.


ah ok. i figured that was some mechanic like that that they built it but wasnt sure.


If you buy the set for $20, you will be refunded for every Bloodborn pack purchased before buying the set. For example, if I choose to buy 5 Bloodborn packs with gold and then decide to do the $20 option, I will get 5*300=1500 gold back. This works until you have all 13 packs, when the “purchase full set” option is disabled.


i think this is a really generous option for people who already purchased orbs, but i dont see a benefit to spending gold just to get it back by buying the $20 pack. It comes out as a wash, so its better to just buy the $20 pack outright if you havent spent any money yet.


It helped people like me. For instance, I bought a pack but then decided to buy the expansion later, and I was refunded the 300 I spent.


Exactly. To me, thats incredibly generous of the Devs.


Question was answered in more than full; I’m going to lock the thread.