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Burn Horn: How does one do it?


So, with me recently making 3 Decimus(not necesarrily for this reason), I decided to give this deck a spin. The only problem is that I dont quite know how to build the deck… i.imgur.com/omLYza6.png This is an initial draft. Tell me what you think of it.


It looks a lot like a deck I wouldn’t want to play against. Maybe @boronian would suggest a Golem Metallurgist.


I will say that lavaslasher is only really good when ramped with metallurgust while ragebinder is the guy that is really good on its own.
Because it’s a really good card and it helps triggering the ragebinder bond effect I run progenitor.
I have a more ramp version since I play kujata instead of some of your removal.
I will consider running spelljammer.
I don’t play haruspex I think most players don’t like it.
This is what I run but it needs more testing, since you might want to run progenitor you can fit a bit more egg synergy to include lava lance instead of natural select


I dunno where I stand on Metallurgist in burnhorn, I never really loved it, since it does less damage than some other options, but it was basically impossible to argue against in the time of 4/9 slasher, and even now is great for curving into ragebinder and slasher for sick board superiority.

I think it’s a definitely a good suggestion, the original deck is in dire need of 2 drops, you’re supposed to be a proactive aggressive deck, how are you gonna do that if you skimp on your early game? Burnhorn can have a really low curve as you want to cast draw spells anyway. I think there’s a little too much removal and would consider cutting some of that to make room.

I actually like Haruspex, he’s a scary lad, but does have some pretty significant weaknesses/bad matchups.


I agree with @niklaren , this deck needs to have at least 8-9 2 drops. Remove the Entropic Gaze and Upper Hand for more 2 drops. If you want to keep Lavaslasher I think Metallurgist could be fine and then add either Healing Mystic or maybe Rancour if you want to go for something more aggressive.

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