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Burn Arcana Faie

Here I’m both on unusual and usual ground. Electrocuted by Thunderhorn, repeatedly devastated by Birdy McBirdface I decided to bring the same frustration to all of my opponents as the great Joseki commands!

Inspired by @deathsadvocate’s Cold Blood deck, this one brings arcanysts to the board to make the deck look like mine. Really, I just can’t play without arcanysts.

Deck analysis? Well, it’s awesome just because.

Because your endgame has both burn AND board presence for example.

Just try it and see. It’s good. With no proof currently cause I’m gold 10 atm, but it IS good, trust me.


hybrid decks :snowchaser:

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Hybrid like both Cancer and AIDS.


Well, it’s not truly hybrid. Owlbeast and Conjurer are good cards on their own with the amount of BBS spamming we have here.

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OK, I’m getting you therapy for your chronic case of PABSD.

In other news, I run a hyper aggro/burn hybrid faie deck that also wins by boards, it’s surprisingly interactive.


Could you share?


It may not look like it but it wins by board a lot, Just burning wins you a lot more.


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