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Building memes revived - Forum game


So be it!

Now off to the Ladder!


Do to certain circumstances I will be unable to test this deck on the ladder for a while. It may be a day or two before I report back with the results, so try to be patient.


Ah, the good old “my only 2-drop is a 1/1” list. Looking forward to hearing back from this!


i was hoping for worldcore + ego combo for guaranteed kraigon, BUT HOLY I FORGOT MALICIOUS + EGO have a chance to become gate gotta experiment with the spell more


Battle report:

Round 1 vs Bloodrage Ragnora

We get lucky T1 and pull our only P1T1 play - Circulus. After our opponent plays a Krater in a non-Wanderer Ragnora list we quickly realise we are up against a bloodrage list. This is confirmed by a T2 Quillbeast. Ilena holds on to a Dredger that Orbo left for her. Quilbeast’s rage turns him into a 10 attack monster and attacks Ilena only for her to fling the massive beast to the other side of the battlefield. The monsters master goes flying after him immediately and gets buried under a sudden Avalanche.

Unfortunately for us our story ends at this moment because I got Network issues which prevented me from finishing this match. I know I usually don’t count matches I didn’t get to see to the end but I really wanted to share this match so I made an exception here.


Orbo gives us not one but two Dredgers…

… which enable for this hilarious scene to happen.

Round 2 vs Aggro Reva

Nothing fun happens here Flameblood, Flameblood, Killing edge, Primus fist, Phoenix Fire = dead General.

Round 3 vs Aggro Cassyva

Cassyva never thought a fissure would catch her if she stands in the middle of the Battlefield. She had to learn the hard way that she was wrong. But as we all know Aggro Cass packs as much healing as she does burn so she recovers rather quickly. Circulus gets converted by the enemy and proves to be a pesky little rascal. At the end we both end up top decking and a Daemonically Converted Spriggin paves the way to our victory.


This is the turn we got lethal. The Elyx Stormblade was a Zen’rui the we got from Orbo that got transformed with Aspect of Ego.

Round 4 vs Mantra Shidai

We joke around and have fun before we die to the all consuming flame.


This is the final board state. Hsuku was a L’kian from Orbo who got transformed via Aspect of Ego.

Round Five vs Aggro Vaath

Lots of things happen here. Notable things include Spriggin getting “promoted” to a Project Omega :facepalm:, Eclipse giving Vaath a scare and Enybaer saving the day by flinging Vaath in range for lethal.


Thankfully, Vaath didn’t have Plasma storm so Eclipse managed to do some work.

Envybaer lets us win this battle.

Total score: 2w/3l

The winrate for this deck is clearly overstated, quite likely because the testing this time was done in Gold. I doubt I would get any wins with it if I would have been testing in S.

On the bright side this was the most hilarious deck for sure, if only for the funny stuff Orbo and Ego give you.


LUL, I like your casual tone when you report this.


Awesome. Please post the replay links too, I think they will all start to suddenly work when they fix the current replay bug!


Sure, I’ll post the replays for all of the matches that lack them soon. Just in case they will work later.


The replay bug seems fixed to me, I’m able to watch all the marvelous replays of these potent Tier-M decks.

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