Building Memes - Forum Game


So, I was looking at things on the forum and decided to have some fun.

The idea is simple, I open the thread with a deck containing a general and three copies of 1 card. Each following poster adds 1-3 copies of a single card until the deck is complete. I will go and play the resulting abomination if I can actually assemble it, if I can’t hopefully somebody else will.

Hope it’s gonna be fun for you guys, and remember - the memeir, the better!

Deck Building memes 2: Serpentic Boogaloo
The Purification Crusade
Building memes revived - Forum game

Well, this will be interesting.

edit:inb4 SirPenti


(The card I added is also a preview of my next Deck Lab ;))


@martinsilenus See where you got your idea :wink: Love it :slight_smile:



Corona and Rawr are just some normie shit.
We need sum REAL dank memez


C’mon guys what’s a winterblade deck with out the Winterblade?


Maybe after we finish, we can send the decklist to Grincher and force him to play it with his Deckdoctor thingy


Damn I love this idea! Getting a tad lot of spells, but Lightning Blitz + Wailing could be a hilarious combo.


I can get behind this.


This is silly. I like.


More 2 drop, more meme, moar PWR.


mfw ppl put actually viable cards in this meme deck


It’d be funny if this actually wins a game…


Did you guys know that Swamp Entangler works great with Kara? 2 mana to get a Slo :?)

@coldhands I fixed it in mine, latest post as well so it should be fine


Where’d the lightning blitzes go?


ops, gonna fix it


My contribution will be +3 boundless courage :wink:

Sorry I couldn’t put up the cool deck list pictures, I’m not at a computer :confused:



This… actually seems pretty viable. For Gold at least…