Build me a Songhai deck?


I haven’t played Duelyst since the change from 1 draw to 2, but have gotten back into it the last couple days. I just got a Songahi quest, and would really like to have a Songhai deck ready for laddering when that happens. I don’t have a good sense of the meta, or even what does what anymore.

  1. My legendaries: Crescent Spear x1, Grandmaster Zendo x1, Tusk Board 3x, Storm Sister Alkyone x3. (I also 2x Jax Truesight, 3x Sworn Sister L’Kian, and about ten different singleton Neutral legendaries.)
  2. My epics for Songahi are, 2x each: Juxtaposition, Battle Panddo, Cyclone Mask, Onyx Bear Seal, and Spiral Technique, and 3x Lantern Fox.
  3. I have 3x of all the base set rares, and no rares from the new set, except 3x Xho. (When I first came back I crafted a ton of “Holy cow, that’s OP!” battle pets, until I realized what battle pet meant. ;)). I don’t have much spare Spirit, and probably can’t craft anything other than commons.

Anyone want to give a lazy and ignorant deckbuilder a hand?


Since you have 3x boars and majority of good songhai cards might as well go for something like this. Just be sure to craft mirror melds because the combo doesn’t work otherwise. It’s 200-300 gold, shouldn’t be too expensive.


Thanks for the input. I don’t have Spelljammers or Heaven’s Eclipse though. Also, I don’t think I will main Songhai, so I’m hesitant to build towards 6-7 legendaries I don’t have. Do you think there is a reasonable budget version with those cards missing?

Also, what is “the combo” with Mirror Meld?


Replace Jammers with L’kians or Blazehounds and add 2 more Primus Fists or something, I guess Xho works too. Deck will be a bit worse but still pretty good.

Just read what mirror meld does and you’ll figure it out. The realization when you realize how ridiculous the combo can get is the fun part.


How important are the Bloodrage masks? I really hate them.


Not entirely sure, but considering the amount of low cost spells and decks’ aggressive nature I’d say they’re pretty important.


this deck was before katara comes out I guess. What would u cut for katara ? one primus fist maybe ?


What are you talking about? This deck was specifically made after expansion and doesn’t run katara for a reason.


calm down lol … well this card is good with jux that’s why I say it. So what is the reason?


you dont need katara in the list lol. the main point of this list is either OTK your opponents with tusk boar mirror meld or mirror melding your chakris. katara serves almost no use in here because without backstabbing she’s really weak and chakri can just outright burst more than katara


Meh schmeh, who needs draw anyway?


Songhai does, Songhai does.


katara fit well with juxtaposition and killing edge also im just talking about primus fist cut. If it’s a copy paste from top tier it doesn’t mean you can’t do a different deck… Purpose of primus fist was to have an extra +2 from mirror but it’s kind of rare. While katara can have extra jux and killing edge from heaven eclipse so it happens quite often.


I’m really uncomfortable playing decks that get wrecked so hard on the board (referring to the mirror deck that raqyee posted). So many times I’ve faced an opponent who played an Obelysk or a Pax and felt like that was game on the spot. Can someone direct me to some streamers or youtube videos with gameplay of the deck?

This deck only feels good when it draws Lantern Fox.

The Bloodmasks’ best case scenario seems to be a slow, bad, Phoenix Fire that can only go face. I don’t even like the Juxtopositions or the Killing Fields, because so often I begin turn with no minions on board. Also, the Inner Focuses seem weaker than normal because the Xho’s are incompatible with them (and all buffing cards, in general). I think the lack of the Spelljammer hurts this deck a lot, not because of the lack of draw, as much as merely having one less body to interact with the cards. Did Sword of Mechazor become unpopular for a reason?


Starting with 3x Inner Focus, Mana Vortex, Saberspine Seal, Chakri Avatar, Phoenix Fire, Tusk Boar, Killing Edge, Lantern Fox, Sworn Sister L’Kian; 2x Mirror Meld as the “set in stone core”, I have kind of settled into 2x Juxtaposition, 3x Katara, 2x Primus Fist, 2x Blistering Skorn for the remainder. For the last card I’m considering Eclipse or Spiral Technique.

I’m still getting savagely destroyed by every Vetruvian deck. It’s near the point where I’m considering conceding turn 1 to save time. But I’ve had some savage Skrons on Chrysalis Burst, and Abyssian can get quite punished as well.


Personally I remove 1 Heaven Eclipse 1 Primus fist and add 2 Ki Beholder which is a nice card to get a bit control. You can for example juxtaposition a provoke like kraun and target with ke Beholder. I am currently at rank 1-2 with it. I can’t go further though but I don’t reall play a lot.


With the Saperspine Seal nerf, I’m guessing they are removed, right? And if you remove them, you probably remove the Bloodrage Masks as well? Should I just toss the deck and start over, or is there a tier 1 deck with Tusk Boars?