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Bug with card draw



The game drew ZERO cards. Even with a spelljammer on the field i managed to start a round with ZERO cards. Please fuck me in the ass harder :stuck_out_tongue:

Operating System:

[Windows 10 64-bit]

System Specs:

[680m, i7 quad]

Game Client:


Bug Report Details

Steps to Reproduce:

Not reproducable on a certain base. It just happens randomly.


Some added information:

Happened 3 times so far. Once after steam release, 2 times before. 2 times with Vetruvian artifact deck… only one of those times there was a spellyammer on the board. Now it happened again with Songhai while an enemy spellyammer was out. Seeing this i doubt its something caused by spelljammer so thats ruled out.

It happened 7 hours ago so not really prime time but well… perhaps… lets say this time it was the servers being overloaded.

Still doesnt explain the 2 times before Steam release

I couldnt fin any similarities between the fights.