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Bug Report: Thumping Sai + Sol



Since the bug report function in the game is busted, I’ll report this here.

I was playing Magmar, played Sai, Thumping Waved it and tried to activate it with Sol. Instead nothing happened, Sol simply vanished and I could do nothing for the rest of the turn. Not only did I not kill my opponent with the combo, I also missed the attacks with my other two minions which resulted in me losing a game I have already won with the combo.

So yeah, I am really salty right now - Pokemon Magmar isn’t even that good and losing even more due to bugs is infuriating.

Operating System:


System Specs:

[Intel Core i5/ Asus nVidia GTX 960/8GB Hyper-X RAM]

Game Client:


Bug Report Details

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Play Razor Skin and get Sai
  2. Play Sai next to the enemy General
  3. Thumping Wave onto Sai
  4. Use Sol to activate Sai
  5. Everything bugs the hell out.