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(BUG) Opposing Grincher does not buff Crimson Occulus (in replay only)



  1. I had a Crimson Occulus in play that was 3/4 due to opponent having played 1 minion.
  2. I moved it away, played a couple of minions, and passed the turn.
  3. Next turn the opponent played Grincher.

It DID buff the Occulus in the game I played to 4/5, but in the replay, the Occulus’s stats become messed up. Sometimes it does not buff at all (staying 3/4) and other times it shows as 0 health. This bug reproduces 100% of the time when viewing the replay.

I have video evidence showing both the stream where the correct behavior, as well as video evidence showing the incorrect behavior seen in the replay.

People on my friends list confirmed the same error in the replay.

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