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(BUG) Gauntlet game - never switched to be my turn



I was in a normal gauntlet game. My opponent did some things and still had mana when he stopped moving completely. I waited and eventually the timer started ticking and ended. I sent out some questioning emotes but no reply.

Then I started seeing my opponent doing things, as in the indicators for their actions started moving around the board, but no actual actions were taking place. It seemed like they were done, and once again stopped moving.

Then it hit me - it was my turn but it never switched. I just lost an entire turn, and here I am losing another. It said it was the opponent’s turn and I couldn’t take any action.

I refreshed the page and the battle resumed normally - it was my turn and I could act, but it was already too late, as I was surrounded by units and had no way of taking back the game having lost about 3 turns.

The game is the latest gauntlet game on my account. I would love to get my gauntlet run back (I was at 1W2L with a crappy deck but still).

Operating System:

Windows using Chrome.

System Specs:


i7 920 @ 2.67GHz
Geforce 660TI


Bug Report Details

Steps to Reproduce:

It was a normal match in gauntlet and has not happened since. Nothing abnormal that I could think of. Seems to be a network hiccup but I don’t know how to reproduce it.


Yeah, likely a network de-sync issue. We’re going to keep polishing netcode reliability in the upcoming patches. Sorry for the inconvenience.