Buff crossbones?


Would crossbones see more play if its effect were to be open gambit “destroy a ranged or blast minion” what yall think? i know its kinda crazy


Yes, Crossbones would see more play if it had a better effect with the same stats and mana cost. Making a card strictly better usually does that, even if it’s still bad despite the buffs.


What blast minion is giving you so much trouble that you want to change another card just for it? Which of the two?


its just random… im sure in future designs u might see a rush blast minion you may never know


I agree, I think laser cats were traumatising enough as it is.


the closest we will ever see rush blast is dust wailer. do you really want to nerf dust wailer?


its not that serious i mean we already have hollowed grovekeeper for taunt or frenzy its because of the recent songhai drama vet players are experiencing like they got no answers to ranged n crossbones is there


im just asking for suggestions that would enable vet players or any other weak faction to songhai feel happy to use a crossbones vs reva


How exactly crossbones killing blast minions helps matchups vs reva? People don’t run crossbones because the card is only valuable when you’re killing something like a hearthseeker with a killing edge on it. In every other scenario its garbage and the previous scenario I mentioned isn’t that common to justify a slot in the deck, and even if it was there’s no guarantee you’d draw it and would make your other match ups worse. Point being, crossbones is fine, ranged just isn’t nearly as common or oppressing for it to be a tech card worth considering.


stop attacking the fact that i said blast and come up with a suggestion that would make crossbones playable for vet players to face reva


I am not attacking anyone. I am just objectively replaying to your own suggestion. Crossbones having ability to kill blast minions factually doesn’t help in match up against reva. If you’re not happy with what you wrote in your thread, don’t write it at all. How am I supposed to know you want to discuss Crossbones in general rather than just focusing on that specific addon to it’s ability?


Warning: Long post ahead regarding Crossbones’ history, design, and perceived reason’s for it’s existence.

Before we can ask whether we need to buff Crossbones, we need to ask why is Crossbones played in the first place?

Crossbones is/was used to deal with Ranged minions that could not be dealt with using regular spells. This means that Crossbones saw the most play when Mechaz0r! decks were popular in the meta. Crossbones’ popularity at that time lied in it’s Opening Gambit, which was not blocked by Mechaz0r!'s targeting restriction and the fact that it could be teched in at 1 card in the 2-draw era.

So, what has changed today? Today’s Duelyst (patch 1.74.1 for future reference) is a 1-draw system for one. This has made teching in a single copy of Crossbones less reasonable as you are less likely to draw the card when you need it.
Another reason for the decline in Crossbones is reduction in the number of ways that Mecahz0r! could get immediate value. Older iterations of Mech decks had a choice between Vanar and Magmar: Vanar for Spirit of the Wild and Magmar for Vindicator, a card that used to give the first friendly minion spawned by it Rush. Now, Vindicator has been changed and Spririt of the Wild has had it’s cost increased to reduce the strength of OTK and Mechaz0r! decks.
The final reason I think Crossbones has declined is the prevalence of at-range removal. Besides Mechaz0r!, Crossbones can remove any number of minions with Ranged. However, many factions have their own way of dealing with the Ranged keyword that also are commonly played for other reasons.

  • Lyonar has Sunbloom and sometimes carries Martyrdom or even Decimate
  • Songhai has access to the ubiquitous Phoenix Fire in addition to Onyx Bear Seal, occasionally bringing out Juxtapostion as a defensive play.
  • Magmar commonly carries Thumping Wave in addition to Plasma Storm and sometimes Natural Selection, the latter two which prey on the stat penalty the Ranged keyword brings
  • Abyssinian has Demonic Lure, Dark Transformation, and Ritual Banishing. In addition to those Shadow Creep tiles can be used to force risky positioning of Ranged units, leaving them vulnerable to Rush minions.
  • Vanar has access to Chromatic Cold, Cryogenesis and Aspect of the Fox in addition to Hearth Sister.
  • With the loss of Veteruvian Siphon Energy in the last patch, Veteruvian relies now on Rasha’s Curse or Star’s Fury and Wildfire Ankh to answer Ranged in-faction.

Of the factions, Veteruvian has the most need for at-range removal but doesn’t use Crossbones because the effect is too niche. The truly threatening minions for Veteruvian are minions that grant continuous healing or damage at a distance, for which Ranged only plays a small part compared to say, Four Winds Magi.

So finally, to answer your question in your post - no, changing Crossbones’ opening gambit to your version will not give more reason to play Crossbones chiefly because all the common answers to Ranged also answer Blast. The only reason for Crossbones in it’s current state is it’s ability to answer spell-immune minions such as Mechaz0r!. For a change in that reason, other methods of removal would have to be weakened across the board or Crossbones would have to gain new functionality that is hard to replicate with the current set of tools that the factions have.

Example: “Opening Gambit: Destroy a minion that dealt damage to you since the end of your last turn.”