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Budget Wanderer Decks for All Factions (Beginner-Friendly!)

Hmmm. What I meant, you still need some time to close up with Rippers if the opponent is fleeing. Heartseekers press the opponent to go for you, where you may have an overstatted trap prepared for him.

Nice work!

this is what happens when you change your name to stupid stuff all the time.

Wanderer Brome is the best deck that nobody is playing (imo). I think we have it above Strategos when I publish this month’s power rankings (soon).

It’s well known by any gauntlet player what a pain ‘Ranged’ is because even the smallest unit with the keyword presents an infinite value proposition. With Rebirth Ripper comes close if you can protect it; but ultimately you do have to hurl them into the frontline to fight, and then the egg likely gets cleared. Of course generals don’t have infinite HP or cards in deck and tempo is important too, so Ripper tends to perform better on balance, but when the game does stall out most accept Reva is slightly favoured in the matchup.


Mmmm I dunno if i’m sold on it, I know that you never know if on your turn the opponent’s rippers are eggs or living deathmachines (so that you might have to kill them once or twice)but, while ranged is good for known reasons, I feel like the stickiness of rebirth+the threat of potential 12 damage+the almost infinite reach to put minions where your opponent don’t want them, makes them on par with hearthseeker, if not better.

This is coming from one who never played wanderer (well, just a few matches just to try it, but got bored after 5) but the countless time i faced it, i always felt like ragnora was more threatening.

card draw/generation should never be necessary in wanderer. i’d run bloodshard golem and brightmoss golem over sojourner and blue conjurer and in reva i would value the finishing potential of phoenix barrage much more highly than twin strike.

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One thing to be remembered is that often people starting out (i.e. many of those looking for budget decks) are going to have less of an idea of how to play a strong tempo game and as such games end up being much longer and grindier and having extra draw will do wonders while playing in those matchups.


Seconded. Would also argue that while draw is not a priority, budget options with hand refill are not only more beginner-friendly, but also compensate somewhat for the lack of tempo 5 drops and late game bombs by enabling a lower curve.


Shout-outs to our very own @boronian who is kind enough to update the dooly wiki.

Since this has no doubt become a very important thread for new and old players alike, I thought I’d also link to the wiki article which serves as a hub for successful-budget-deck threads:



Thanks :slight_smile:

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