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Budget Wanderer Decks for All Factions (Beginner-Friendly!)

Hi All!

JosephStalin69 here yet again with a couple budget wanderer decks. The archetype is a beginner’s dream: giving you a powerful wincon as well as endless space to slot in those fancy epics and legendary 1xs without feeling like a total weiner! Consider the lists below a starting point. Cards included do not go above the rare rarity or eclipse ~1700 spirit (not counting wanderer), with focus being on broadly-applicable neutrals and faction staples to minimize useless crafts.

So whether you are a beginner or looking to wet your feet in a new faction, welcome and enjoy!

I. Ragnora


  • flash is broken
  • ripper is broken
  • easily upgradable, with the vast majority of rag’s best cards only being epic in rarity


  • flash wanderer is the number one cause of player quitting
  • outvalued by reva’s bbs in longer games

Faction priority crafts

  • makantor warbeast
  • homeostatic rebuke
  • lava slasher
  • kujata
  • saurian finality
  • armada
  • pupa bomb (to taste. Ryvirath has used this card to devastating effect)

II. Reva


  • Heartseekers are Jesus
  • arguably the best buffs and out of hand burst of all wanderer variants


  • budget wanderer lacks hard removal
  • can easily gas yourself when trying to tempo early
  • expensive to upgrade

Faction priority Crafts:

  • juxtaposition
  • eternity painter
  • grandmaster zendo
  • spiral technique
  • tusk boar

III. Wanderer Faie


  • built-in bbs clock gives you the extra gas needed to close out grindier games, as well as enabling more aggressive lines of player earlier
  • features the most reliable single target removal of the budget wanderers


  • outclassed by kara (imho), but cannot feasibly run her until upgraded with gravity well and legendary neutral token generators
  • very expensive to upgrade
  • distance between floor and ceiling is relatively narrow

Priority Faction crafts:

  • gravity well
  • malicious wisp
  • grandmaster embla
  • cloud caller

IV. Lilithe


  • lilithe’s bbs puts the most stats on board of any bbs
  • very balanced kit across all aspects of the deck (ramp, draw, removal, cycle, burst)
  • my personal fave to fart around with on the ole’ smurf (so it’s obviously good kappa)


  • weak AF to AOE
  • magmar and ziran make you sad as you approach diamond and beyond
  • jack of all trades, master of none

Priority Faction Crafts:

  • desolator
  • spectral blade
  • betrayal
  • necrotic sphere
  • spectral revenent
  • soul grimoire / deathfire crescendo (optional, but nonetheless a viable choice)
  • vorpal reaver / moonrider (questionable choice. Top wanderer lilithes tend to prefer reaver)

V. Brome


  • probably the sturdiest wanderer deck of all budget builds, with remarkable heal, provoke, and gas for a budget build
  • provoke spam is incredibly potent, capable of wearing down even fully upgraded wanderer ragnora if curved out
  • divine liturgy generally wins the game if you have even a semblance of a board


  • lacks the out of hand burst other decks of its category have
  • lives and dies by the board more so than any other wanderer variant IE: the way the game was meant to be played

Priority faction crafts:

  • trinity oath
  • holy immolation
  • aperion’s claim
  • circle of life
  • prominence
  • sky phalanx

VI. Zirix -


  • boasts arguably the most powerful midgame of the budget wanderers
  • threat of flight (phasing) and blast (kinematic projection) give this deck surprising reach
  • obelysks net incredible value and an highroll and opponent out of the early game


  • weakest draw of the wanderer decks, and thus really needs to be aggressive with its tempo
  • expensive to upgrade

Priority faction crafts:

  • cataclysmic fault
  • rasha’s curse
  • portal guardian
  • gust
  • khanuum kha
  • star’s fury
  • optional techs: superior mirage, wasteland wraith
  • swarmking scarab (aka- “the sweet prince”)
  • optional: aymara healer, allomancer

VII. Neutral Priority Crafts by mana slot:

3 slot:

  • bloodbound mentor
  • optional: lady locke (esp. lilithe)

4 slot:

  • dioltas
  • optional: nightwatcher (avoid as zirix / decks with a lot of rush)
  • optional: thunderhorn (nice if you lack aoe)
  • optional: jammer/ l’kian (esp. for reva)
  • optional: purgatos the realmkeeper

5 slot (wanderer’s bread and butter slot:

  • sunset paragon
  • inquisitor kron
  • letigress
  • optional techs: hollow grovekeeper

6 slot:

  • bonereaper (THE gold standard defensive threat)
  • jax truesight

7+ slot:

  • optional beyond here. Consider prioritizing tempo + removal plays over greedy bodies ex. dagona, red synja

VIII. Closing remarks and piloting tips

  • wanderer lives and dies by tempo. Know your matchups, and hold the cards which perform well in said matchup. Do not use said tech cards until the opponent throws out the threat your card is meant to deal with.

  • my word is not law. other top players will inevitably have different ideas as to what should go where.

  • my playstyle is very proactive, perhaps excessively so. If this does not describe you, consider looking to more defensive players for deck building inspiration.

  • building off the previous point: Removal spam does not necessarily a good player make. Wanderer needs to be at least even on board to guarantee the on-curve play. Sometimes the best defense is a good offense.


    • screw the haters, comrade. People who blanket hate wanderer more often then not never learned the matchup or took the time to play the archetype. Bar flash, ripper, and maybe heartseekers, wanderer is a perfectly fair deck which laughs off the bulk of hurrdurr removal-spamming, run-into-the-corner-t1 noob deck “combo” players and turns duelyst back into the board-based game it was meant to be. Chin up, comrade. The ladder is yours for the taking.

REEE69: “hey kids, want some Uzis and TEC-9’s to play with?”

Kids: “YAY!”

on a more serious note, Brome? Strategos is probably more budget friendly and might even be easier to pilot.


1- I’m not tm25
2- I’d argue wanderer brome is the better deck while also doubling as the better primer for proper positioning and duelyst fundamentals.


Lyonar by definition of being the game’s face (in “charisma”, not smorc, sense) already is in general the most begginer-friendly faction of all, Brome doubles so by giving you a steady stream of flunkies and an inbuilt card coverage excelling in making them even scarier through buffs.
Shoving him further into Wandering makes enough sense to remind me of the horrors he could bring if someone finds a viable way to build around Call to Arms.

To make this as beginner-friendly as possible, also linking below everything you need to read these decklists.



Thanks for them, I added them to the wiki :slight_smile:

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Begone, fiend!

On a more serious note did you ever try to build (non budget) Lil with more swarm emphasis? Kron, Jax, Tigress are all generally good choices, throw in some more swarm synergy, and it’s done. You’re beyond tempest range with Wanderer with most non wraith tokens. Rebuke is still an issue though…


No, but I know for a fact it’s an excellent deck. Frostarrow regularly hit top 10 with it

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u r tm 25 md though

Faie list looks great. What cards should I replace out for the upgrades?

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MonkeyS reeeeeeeeeeeeeee(69)

update: brome added.

update: guide completed.

Glad you like it! See priority crafts on neutral and in faction for such suggestions. Consider kara over faie as well should you go the upgraded route.


the posted image is Lilithe’s under the Brome section, though the imgur link is correct


oops, wrong brother. Edited my post.

Better than StrateBrome is subjective, but you’re definitely right on it being more “educational”. I still think StrateBrome is more budget friendly though.

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Glad I didn’t disenchant Dioltas and Paragon. :sweat:

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This surprised me. You mean cause you can surround the opponent with just 8 undying velociraptors of death, while with reva you could cover all the screen?

I know you wanted this comment to be sarcastic, but…


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When 32 damage are not enough, you need to switch to the heavy artillery!