Budget sexy lizards vaath?


I want to build a magmar deck and the sexy lizards deck looked good, the decklist cost 11490 spirit and I only have about 1000. Any way I could make it budget but it still be good?


could you post the decklist so we can make suggestions?


original decklist


To put it simply: Control vaath is a archetype that can’t be built on a budget.

if you want to still play vaath, mid-range vaath runs 0 legendaries and only 6 epics.


this deck didn’t look very control to me but if you could direct me to the mid range vaath list that would be awesome


Purchase as many Makantors as you can. Then fill with solid commons like you’d silithar and ragebinder. Magmar has some pretty good core cards for control, so pile in those natural selections and plasma storms. If you want to cash in on that value, use minions that synergize with it, like ones that can buff themselves above 3 attack (the 3/3 flyer that gains attacks after replacing is one I used for a long time starting out, and is arguably still a great card for Magmar).


This is what I would play, it’s not perfect but it’s pretty standard.

I legot forgot that thunderhorn exsists in my last post.


is it just me or is thunderhorn kinda overated, it usually dies as soon as it hits the battlefield, or gets hit by some pseudo removal.


If a lowly 4 drop gets removed, that’s an advantage by itself.


If it survives you clear their board, if it doesn’t you baited 2 or 3 cards from them, not to mention cards like AoS.


One thing to add to what’s been said. Get homeostatic rebuke. I’d prioritize it below Makantor warbeast, but above lavaslasher or thunderhorn. Homeostatic rebuke is amazing and can solve so many different problems with one card, it’s staggering. If you’re working on a budget, dancing blades and EMP’s should be looked at as well, they’re very strong and only common and rare.


i got about 2000 spirit now but I definitely don’t wanna save up 11000 some spirit so even a 5-6000 sprit deck anyone can find would be awesome!!


Does the deck have to be Magmar? Magmar is a pretty expensive faction, with a majority of its best cards at epic or higher.


i would like it to be magmar, i already got 2 warbeast and one of the 5/4rush that deals 4 to you.


Some more recommended crafts are a set of Homeostatic Rebuke, a set of Lavaslashers, maybe a couple of Armadas and a third Warbeast. They should be pretty useful no matter what deck you will craft.


I disagree with Magmar being expensive. There are practically no important legendaries. 3 legendaries are 2700 spirit, that is almost 8 epics (3 makantors, 3 slashers, 2 rebukes).


I can declined this, unless you wanna play burn horn you don’t need a single legendary.


But those epic cards are staples. I see no budget-friendly alternatives to cards like Lavaslasher or Mankator. Of course, your standards of what’s expensive or not may be completely different from mine, but that’s another subject matter.


But for the amount of 3 legendaries you already have all the epics you need. And that’s not for a budget deck.

The rest is only commons and rares: Ragebinder, Golem Metallurgist, Young Silithar, Flash, Sunsteel, Cryptographer, Earth Sphere.

That is pretty cheap for a strong midrange Vaath deck.


That’s a pretty solid collection, but I think other factions are able to achieve more with relatively less spirit. The competitive Magmar deck would find further expensive options very helpful, such as Rubuke, Armada, or maybe even Finality. Also, shouldn’t a sexy lizards deck also need some Drogons? Or are they entirely optional?