Budget list for beginners?


Can someone suggest some budget list, cuz is really hard to change faction in ranked, I have only few cards and all of vanar (my main deck), some neutral, and really few of other faction; I wanna try vet or lyonar but is hard without having high cost cards…
Yay I’ ve tryied to make some decks, but they was soo crappy…
Thanks for the help!


I found a budget deck for Kara on Reddit when i first started out Duelyst it taught me a lot of fundamentals to the game hope it can help. :smiley:


Grincherz and Zyx (well-known players) published different budget decklists for all factions. (800-2000 spirit)

Still not cheap, but you can use them as a guideline to build your own decks with what you have available.

You can also check out some general-purpose deckbuilding guides to get a better grasp of the basic concepts like mana curve.


Really thanks, that is what I was searching!
Super useful!!