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[Budget] From Zero to Hero Reva in under 100 games

Hi all,

I know maybe isn’t the best time for this with all the excitement for the new expansion, but I just finished my own personal From Zero to Hero for Songhai and thought I’d share since it may be useful information for any new or returning players attracted by the new expansion. Almost all of the games were played before the expansion dropped, so the decks I’ll share don’t have any of the new expansion cards, but to be honest there’s not many new cards that I’d like to add to the finished list just now anyway.

Just so you don’t have to scroll down to the bottom, here is my recommended Pauper Reva list, which is very slightly different than what I finished through diamond with, since I opened 2 playable epics (lantern fox and spiral).

For those that don’t know a Zero to Hero is something I have seen Hsuku do where he starts a fresh account and ladders up as a Free to Play from Bronze to S rank in a month. I don’t usually watch these so I don’t really know how quickly he does it, but I played 99 games in 6 or so days and finished in S with an 82 wins/17 losses record, here are my stats according to the t2k5 scripts. I was quite happy to get that last win so I could get that clickbait title.

I had felt quite bad about not being able to attend SirOmega’s pauper tournaments to get a budget Songhai deck exposure there, and since I like to be able to help newer players, but it has now been 15 months since I started as a new player myself I wanted to check that my advice is correct, and refresh my perspective on what a new player experience can be like right now. Plus it’s always nice to add to the evidence of how reasonable this game is as a free to play experience.

I’ll divide out the decks by the tiers I played each at, it’s not like I got to a new tier and only then changed the deck, but I’ll show the deck that I was playing for most of the time at each rank. Starting out in bronze is an all basic deck, played a couple of bots games to unlock Songhai and maybe a couple of other cards, no Reva just yet since she doesn’t start unlocked.


Climbed out of bronze quite easily and cracked open a few packs with some of the puzzle money, crafted some Mist Dragon Seals and swapped to Reva, played a couple of the cards that I opened since I may as well have fun with them for now, but will disenchant them later.


I think at some point through silver I unlocked a free gauntlet ticket, so since Reva was one of the choices there I decided to go ahead and do it to get some extra funds, didn’t make 7 wins tho unfortunately :’(. So I pulled a couple of lucky epics with spiral and lantern fox, added those and cut some of the chaff as we enter gold. Also added some Thunderbombs to deal with some of the Lilithe you see at this bracket and as extra burn to close out a game. We pulled some of the mediocre late game and put in a Dancing Blades that I opened and a crafted Geomancer in to replace the 5 slot and 2 First Sword of Akrane over the Stormmetals. Since I lowered the curve a little and had cut the mediocre Necroseer, Mind-Cage Oni comes in so we have some reliable card advantage, the card is real good.


Alright, Diamond to S rank. Time to get serious and make some big changes. I’m running a budget deck so I never want to trip up and miss turn 1, 12 early game plays that synergize quite well together. Shiro and Primus make use of our ability to put out a good number of small bodies. This early game package is very heartseeker centric and you should look to stick some board presence, then use Shiro & Primus to make advantageous trades. Lowering the curve leaves us needing a little extra draw power, so sojourner fits nicely and also works well with our shiro/primus plan. All our spells are looking to get damage in after we hopefully establish an early board presence and get some damage in. Shieldmaster was doing a surprising amount of work even as we faced some really good players and decks, holding the frontline for our hearseeker backline to get value, while shiro holds the midline buffing either or both. Unfortunately though we can’t really compete with a lot of the late game bombs that some of the more expensive decks may be able to put out, but some combination of buffed Heartseekers, Burn spells, Repulsor & Lightbender should be able to get us through the early game in a lead so we can finish our opponent of with what’s not been cleared on our board and some out of hand damage. I put in a lightbender since I felt I needed a dispel option for Vaath, Ziran, Obelyks and other threats like Zendo and such.


Since I can’t guarantee you to open the Fox and Spiral that I did I’ll also give my take on the deck with the typical pauper rules of only rares and lower, it’s the same as what I showed at the top of this post. I removed the 2 epics and added a 2nd repulsor and lightbender since I have a feeling that improving players may benefit from having that extra removal options. If you’re looking to try stuff from the new set you could also try out Saberspine Alpha as a replacement for spiral and phoenix barrage instead of Lantern Fox, but I haven’t actually tested those cards and so am hesitant to recommend them. So again, here’s my recommended list:


Hopefully this will be useful to some people to show how to build on a budget, and demonstrate the way a deck can evolve as a collection grows, and as I said earlier I wanted to prove for myself how well a free to play can do in this game. If you have any questions or comments I’d love to hear them.

Sorry to anyone, particularly in lower ranks, who got beaten by BunnyGirlReva on the way up. :wink:

Also, my first post on the forums so be nice.


I see Reva, i give a like. :heart:


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Thank you friend.

Nice profile pic btw.

Thanks for posting these! Also note all budget decks got really solid tools in the form of fizzling mystic and saberspine alpha. Alpha in particular is good enough to run in constructed kaleos as well

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