Budget Abyssian


There are no legendaries’ except L’kian.

Most of the cost is for the three grail masters (epics).

Card draw: sphere of darkness and L’kian. Replace L’kian with sojourners if you need to.

The strategy is to summon gor’s and jaxi first, then play your typical swarm abyss style.

any surviving gor’s and jaxi’s by turn mana 7 should be a good place to summon grail master

next turn, use ur bbs to summon more wraithlings to proc off grail master

then let the grail master rng cancer begin


Go back to work!


But i didn’t play duelyst…
I am merely making a decklist on my way back home from taking the ACT.


Are you telling me you haven’t tested this?! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


dis was tested the day before school started for me =(


TIL Grailmaster isn’t a legendary.