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Brushy Brushy 15chars


Hi forums, Zabiool here. Small time streamer, part time memer, EggsAdvocate, programmer and South African.

Happy to play a few games of Duelyst or chat with community members. Thank you for being part of this friendly community.


Welcome! :grin:


Thank you for sticking with the community :wink: !


Hey I remember you from the discord


This is the part where you realize that most people don’t actually know Zab is a Grandmaster.

Makes u thonk


Zab, the guy who makes the best omlettes.


Empty titles don’t mean much.


Hell do you even have cats, my life is a lie.


Like at chess or something?




… or something


50 Weird Job Titles


Thank you very much Master Handshaker.


Since the forum is mostly composed of people who’ve been here for ages, most of us know this fact.

Also we know that you like to be a jerk smartass.

With all due respect :stuck_out_tongue:

Zabi, the friendly community is friendly :slight_smile: GLHF :slight_smile:

@isbee, there’s lightbender on position 14. It’s a job O_o.


Why I’m positively hurt and outraged by this vile take on my character. I’m a jerk who is a smartass. Cmon fam…

Edit: Also for the record i’m the coolest South African in these here parts, that is all.


Brushes Jay.


You would hope a grandmaster doesn’t need to introduce himself.

And if people don’t give you respect, give them the Ripper special. :smiling_imp:


Hey zab, good to see you checkin out the forums!


Sorry @isbee that position has already been filled.



Thank you, I was a bit more active on the previous forums before the fire. I have been stopping (b)y throughout the years.