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Bromech Industries - Metal should be tough


I still want to play around Coldbiter Ilena one day ;;


i have everything



Yeah, Vanar legendaries are all very important, and a pain to get.

I’m just missing Disciple of Yggdrasil, Donaldo and I disenchanted my Ghost Seraphims after the nerf.


Just saying - seraphim is a key factor for alot of decks.

I started running embla-seraphim/ yggdra-seraphim /reliq seraphim decks and seraphim is an absolute monster.

This is basically one card that comes fairly early and it is almost immune to all magmar’s removal as long it is not in hit range.
And it opens up for lethal on the spot.


Heavily inspired by your deck @cookedpoo, this is what I currently run and it does really feel more solid than my first version:

I think Auroara must be great but I don’t have it, and I’m also short on Holy Immolation.
Nevertheless your spell mix was definitely a huge improvement over my first list, thank you a metallic ton!


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