Bromech Industries - Metal should be tough


This started as “S.I.L.V.E.R. requires a board, and the Lyonar spell list can probably provide extra armor to the Mechs.”

So I toyed with Bagoum and after a couple of test games, maybe this thing can be OK.

Bolster and Marching Orders provide added survivability to the rainbow Mechs. Prism Barrier too, with the added benefit of super nice combo when S.I.L.V.E.R. is out.

Hopefully all these buffs will really stretch opposing removal thin.

This is supposed to win through a very sticky and superior board, maybe finishing with Mechaz0r!, S.I.L.V.E.R., or just stupidly beefy Mechs and Divine Liturgy.

I don’t play Lyonar often, any comments and improvements welcome! Particularly looking for options to make it faster. Thanks.


I’m gonna try this!


Been attempting some Lyomech as well and gotta say i like your thing. Gotta revise mine with some of it.
The main things i’d question a tad are Orders and Barrier, but that’s me being me for some reasons:
1- my current extra source of mass buffing besides Oak is Feralu, because the two together is a nice layer of redundancy;
2- Aegis would be making more sense than Prism, imo, in that it serves to protect your priority boys from direct removal;
3- Liturgy might sound nice at first since you’re bringing Bolster along, but in practice it might end a bit slower precisely thanks to it. In the context of mech fiesta and the sheer buildup speed Lyonar can have with Oakenheart as 60% more mech, having two Sawtooths instead as quick rushdowns of beating is a better bet, specially with buff auras in place.
4- For all the reasons above i feel Argeon makes a better mechanyst.


Currently resisting the urge to craft mechs…


Gonna quickly add this to my collection of mech decks that I need to try out :grinning:

How is liturgy working out for you, do you usually have a board to capitalize on it as opposed to dropping SILVER instead?

Also 0 removal options seems a bit risky. Any problems so far with being unable to remove things? Or do you plan on just building a strong enough board to ignore things.

Cookedpoo mech deck thread coming soon


Thanks for the detailed answer.
Feralu hasn’t left me with a solid impression from the times I played it past week… But in this deck with Bolster and stuff it could maybe shine brighter. The problem is HE’S NOT MADE OF METAL. :smiley:

I went with the philosophy that Aegis is great to protect your big guy, but here I’m trying to make every unit an annoyance. Early T1 or T2 Prism is the type of bullying I thought was enjoyable.

I’ll be thinking about your wise words on Sawtooths (Decimate, right?). I had them at first but didn’t get to use them. More playtesting needed here.


Love it! Will be checking it ASAP :slight_smile:


@cookedpoo, master of Mechs thanks for commenting! :slight_smile:

More play testing is needed but Liturgy was a quick win when it was used. I had board advantage thanks to Bolster and Marching Orders. I feel it’s sort of quicker than S.I.L.V.E.R., but that remains to be seen.

0 removal is risky. In my tests I had a couple of Martyrdoms, but every time I could have handled the situation with a couple of swings + Holy Immolation… But as I said I’m not very experienced with Lyonar.

Super eager to read your Mech thread!


This is how i’ll run post revision.

Before i was running Lifestreams to quickly tutor more triggers/ from the deck, also particularly fun to replace dispelled Oakenhearts, but my main method of making everyone annoying was to drop the steadfast on people. I’m not going for Aegis myself simply because i’m poor, but this is my overall frame.


I’m not very proficient at Brome and mechs, but from my limited testing (5 games 1 win in low gold) the deck desperately needs either tempo or speed (or both). Cause if you fall behind on board at some point the game is lost.

If going tempo, I would try to insert sentinel, tooth, naga, blades, pony, whatever.

If going faster that tutor heal card (lifestream?) and Sojourner is the way to go. And probably Argeon. Maybe I’ll try to tinker with the list later.

For the reasons above I’m also not convinced on liturgy. If you are behind it’s useless. As an additional con it also competes with silver at 6 mana.


5 games in low gold, 3 wins, 2 losses. I immediately took out liturgy because like alplod said, it conflicts with SILVER. I also took out bolster because its a bit clunky, and marching is usually enough to buff both the crestfallens and mechs. Prism barrier does A LOT in this deck. Currently what I’m running for the deck (not the final deck, but feels close)

I actually feel like this one strayed a bit too far from the theme, feel free to take out martyr for bolster, and if going for liturgy, take out SILVER.


Wow @alplod, @cookedpoo thanks a lot for testing it so fast :smile:
Okay on Divine Liturgy… I’ll be looking for another power card maybe, I wonder if I have Aperion’s Claim in my collection, or something… I like to have 4-5x game enders.

That Auroara is brilliant, sure to make the deck much more aggressive. I somewhat knew that the “full metal” theme was too cute to be optimal.


…but okay, let’s shelter the stray dog.

Edit: No Auroara in my collection yet, I went with Skywind Glaives and it seemed alright.


Have you tried running lifestream as opposed to barrier? (pseudo card draw and works well with bolster)


We can even cut out all the spells and make a Mech Titan deck, which is fairly strong but, very weak to Kha-Kha.


Exco, I think everything is weak to kha-kha


To be tried! I which case Chassis of Mechaz0r must be back in, because some sort of Forcefield must be online when S.I.L.V.E.R. is played.


Yes at some point I’m pretty sure I’ll come to craft 3x Titans… It’s a proven design.

But Vanar is supposed to be my crafting priority #1. So many more Vanar Legendaries to unlock before Alabaster Titan. Gosh that snow faction is inaccessible and look at me, I end up playing Lyonar and squandering my Spirit on random Epics instead.


I feel ya on the Vanar legendaries… so many ideas, so little spirit :cry:


Have Gravity Well, Embla, Ice Age, Seraphim, and Wake… Still need to craft Frostiva and Aspect of the Mountains. :weary:


I don’t have half as much :smiley: and like 9 out of 10 of the memes feel like a must for me as well