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Today at 10:11

There is an epidemic failure of Duelyst replay links. It is obvious in the following forum thread:

It is also happening to users of Reddit, where the latest links posted do not work.

This is a replay link shared on the Duelyst forums on the 26th of June, it works well:

Starting on June 29th, replay links started to fail. The following link doesn’t work:
Other users posted on Reddit links that don’t work, for example:

What is expected: A replay of the game.
What actually happens: The browser displays a blank page with only the word “Duelyst” displayed, as shown in this screenshot.

Multiple players have been sharing links that don’t work. It doesn’t seem to be tied to a single generator account.
For a given broken link, nobody can watch it: It is not viewer or browser-specific.

Underlord Xor'Xul little change

Same issue here.


More technically, there are 404 errors for some critical parts of the game engine:

All return 404 errors (for example when served from
Edit: Sending the requests from France, if this is a CDN and geographically-bound problem.


Same issue here, been wondering about the others clicking the same links on the forum (since it displays the number of users that clicked’em), even asked about the issue in-topic but no answers so felt kinda left behind thinking it was an update thing with my browser, glad to see I’m not the onlyone.

I can see there are other replays that work tho (like the replays in this topic 75% Win rate Ladder Deck: Catalyst Ragnora which also run in Firefox for those wondering).

EDIT: links not working:
(topic: Boys! Snow did it again! (A working nemeton) )





The bug seems fixed to me, several of the replay links that were previously broken are now functional.

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