Broken drop rates?


This is not a complaint, I just wonder whether other players have observed a dramatic decrease of drop rates in the last two weeks or so. It seems the very large majority of the UP orbs I bought since then only contain commons and rares, with basically no epics or legendaries.

Since we all know that the last patch introduced quite a number of bugs, it might be the case that also drop rates have been accidentally broken. Please reassure me that I’m just unlucky or confirm this theory by discussing your experience.

This is not an orb opening thread, please try to avoid discussing your orbs in too much detail. Thanks!


I got 2 legendaries, an epic and 2 rares in 1 orb about a day or two ago. Wish the variance was less.


Even with all those bugs implemented, i think the most likely explanation is as usual bad luck. Can’t really judge it though since i haven’t opened more than a few boss orbs within the last 2 or 3 weeks.


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