#BringBackAlplod & An Appeal to CPG


Well, I’m completely back.

I’m still very sorry about all the countries banned completely, especially about brothers from Belarus and Ukraine, and a bit confused with solution concerning Russian Federation, but at the moment I have nothing to accuse BN of. Since I provided a video, BN representatives have been very polite, and after the list was posted they’ve even become very helpful.

The situation is sad, but at least it is clear at the moment. And I’m saying that not only because I’m able to play from Russia. As I’ve already said:

At least now everything seems just, and it’s hard to assume evil schemes going on at the moment.

Again, I would like to thank community members for all the activities connected to both my case and missing list case. As we can see now, there is much we can do together. You’re awesome, guys, the best community I could ever dream of!


See you on the battlefield :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The disappearance of Alplod Suzumiya.

(It’s funny since Bandai licensed the movie in North America)


Welcome back!!

I hope we meet soon ingame! :slight_smile:


So let’s fight Ukraine back in the game now! :sunglasses:


Why Ukraine, and not Belarus, Venezuela or other banned countries?


All of them of course. :wink:


Nothing yall can do.


Agreed. And it’s certainly nothing a measly community like ours (in the grand scheme of things) can do to change.


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