#BringBackAlplod & An Appeal to CPG


Dammit, your English is very hard to understand for me, and it always seems I tend to misenterpret your message.

If I understand correctly, you advice me not to hope for much, or I’ll be dissapointed even more.

I can say, that at the moment I have not so much hope as stubborn determination, which does actually surprise me, as such emotional state is very unfamiliar to me. Patience? Maybe. But not temperance.


So uh… Here’s a thing I’m wondering that might make this issue a little clearer for me to understand.

Iirc, my Duelyst account didn’t require providing personal information beyond my email address. As far as the Duelyst system knows, I am just Paralykeet, and for all they know, I’m 120 years old- and I lied about my age on registration out of sensibility for being so old.

While I am the age which I claim to be, and am not entirely shy per se; the possible things I currently understand to be a problem are…

I. BAMCO doesn’t allow for Russian email addresses to be used. Putting Alplod in a position, where he would need to commit a crime if yahoo and google addresses don’t have servers based in Russia to play the game (I find this doubtful, but am too lazy to google-fu this.) If this is the case, as a Tekken/Soul Calibur/ Dark Souls fanboy, I’m very disappointed :frowning:

II. The issue comes from the Payment Wall feature storing Russian Credit Card Numbers. In which case… Make a modified game client that doesn’t store Credit Card or Paypal Account data for convenience? Or, is BAMCO saving our information on servers in another country? If so, would it be unreasonable to have a Russian server maintained for the sake of storing Russian information? Doesn’t BAMCO have any resources in that region for other products (like Tekken)?

I think the Russian laws are sortof backwards on the matter, and are likely to change in the next few years (as countries experimenting with excessive internet controls are likely to see declines in profits from tax paying businesses-) but in the mean time, there have to be reasonable work arounds to make the game playable without a VPN (which are now illegal in Russia iirc,) that can score Counterplay a PR win here.

So… What’s the nitty gritty to it? What is the problem to solve? How can Duelyst players contribute to the cause?


I. My main e-mail account is gmail. No problems with law so far.

II. By your reasoning I draw a conclusion that you assume that this law is the problem:

As of now, we have completely no evidence that this exact law is the problem. We can ASSUME that the mysterious “legal reasons” can be connected to this law, but we can not know for sure.

I’m not contradicting this position, since I have no actual contrevidence, but there are some questions, which I always ask.

  1. What is so special about Duelyst and BN? Virtually EVERYHING else works in Russia.

  2. Why is everybody looking for Russian laws, not American? :slight_smile:

I dunno.

Nothing, I believe. Actually, I also believe, it’s OK that Duelyst is banned in Russia. Mysterious legal reasons and such - OK, I can bear with it. Now I just don’t understand why I can’t play from other countries? Why did they hardban me?

Also, I never told support that I’m a Russian citizen, or registered from Russia. I just contacted them from Russia. And I live in Russia.

OK, I’m starting to miss the point. And repeat myself.




It was a technical issue.


Sorry about that. :sweat_smile:

I’m so used to using the most accurate words I know, because of all the reading I do, that I forget there are non-English (as in first language) users on here.

But yeah, you got the message. :smile:


Here is the official Kremlin page for people to send letters to Putin to petition for changes to their stupid laws and #BringBackAlplod #BringBackAlplodNOWYouSonsOModderfoggingBreaches =S


Oh, if you are a Russian citizen, please read all the fine prints on the risks associated with sending letters containing…er…potentially unwelcome comments to the president before hitting “send.” I don’t want anybody (else) to get disappeared on my watch. =S


I got no responce from support team, but I managed to check if Duelyst is accessible through steam store in Ukraine. It is not.

Seems like Ukraine is also banned now.


This is an issue we can do nothing about.


It’s ridiculous, they said in that article by Rock, Paper, Shotgun that they would publish a ‘sunset’ list of regions soon.

I don’t know about you, but being in this uncertainty, and for you being without account, it really feels like ‘soon’ has long passed.

It’s really incorrect to have banned your account while they admitted there was a technical bug.

If they need to not cater to regions due to ‘legal reasons’, that doesn’t mean existing accounts from people in those regions need to be banned, at least they have never mentioned that. They could simply block access like they’re doing and keep the account.

And if you move to a different country, or travel, it would be good if you could again play on your own account instead of having to make a new one.

So, Ukraine, Venezuela, Russia, list keeps getting longer.


What’s the difference between being banned and having access blocked? Either way, you don’t get to play so I see little difference.

And ‘the list keeps growing’. Got to disagree there. So far, only some from Russia (I assume Ukraine falls under their laws, to some degree) and Venezuela have been banned. List hasn’t grown since we heard people getting banned.


Getting banned is literally having a account blocked from logging in by any means, as long as the ban persist.
Access blocked is a case where you cannot login from certain countries. If you have a account and got access blocked it’s still accessible from somewhere else allowed to connect there.


Well, Ukraine is a totally different country with its own laws. Which is actually nearly at war with Russia currently.


Any idea why Ukraine might fall under the ban list then? That’s assuming the reason is even related to Russia’s reason. Might not be.


Can we have an update on this? Has this been refunded and more importantly how are you handling similar cases? What’s the general policy you have on these situations?

Also, in the article from Rock, Paper, Shotgun, https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2017/07/31/duelyst-shuts-out-players-from-russia-other-countries/ the writer quoted BN saying “A timeline for sunsetting Duelyst in countries and regions where it will no longer be available will be announced shortly.”

Any updates on that, maybe at least an ETA for that list?
(Also curious why the future tense was used in that sentence!)



Hi Aeruniel,

I hope to have some updates on this situation soon. Right now I’m waiting for a little more information to be finalized before I can get you all an update.

I’m sorry I can’t provide a more specific update right now.




An update.

I got a personal letter with apologies from @stormshade. Also, I’ll be able to play as soon as I’ll reset my password.

When it is reset, I’ll make a final post and ask for the thread to be closed.

Thanks for all the support, guys!

And also, I’d like to point out that BN doesn’t look so evil at this point. Just very-very slow, but it’s OK for such a large corporation.

Mark II Skin Sale – Duelyst


15chars (Alplod’s back!)


Glad to hear that. :grin:

I think (hell, I am pretty sure) @stormshade was in a very difficult position, and I am glad that we as a community didn’t mercilessly attack him constantly. It is his job to be the face of the company here, but that doesn’t make him any less human. Customer service can be brutal and thankless work: when things go wrong, you get the brunt of the people’s fury as if you were the sole cause of the issue, and you are largely forgotten when things are running smoothly.

We were all emotional at times, but we still made our main concerns known with reasonably respectful language. Bridges were severely damaged, but not necessarily destroyed beyond repair. Maybe more than a few players feel differently, so I apologize if my statements seem dismissive of anyone’s grievances.

Please continue to be awesome, Duelyst community! May I see all you “Steves” :wink: on the battlefield.


Well, I can log in as @alplod now through steam client. But I can’t log in to forums :slight_smile: And still didn’t reset my password. :slight_smile:


Keep us posted! Like you said, it’s probably just slow.