#BringBackAlplod & An Appeal to CPG


The problem is worrying, to say the least. I noticed my region being blocked from purchasing diamonds or getting the game through Steam. I might get blocked right now and there’s nothing I could have done to prevent it. Oh well, it was good while it lasted.


Ehm, I really understand if you do not want to say, I don’t even know if it’s safe, so to be safe you really should not say, but I AM curious what region this is.

Sorry to ask still, and please, take the safe option (not answer).


Bandi Namco made Duelyst into Hunger Games. Let the eliminations begin


“And may the region locks be nevah in yo fayva!”


@hulk12345 Should I still change my username? I’m not satisfied but we did get some sort of answer.


This whole mess really goes to show how different business works on the ground with us the customers, and higher up with the business side of the corporation. To them, the audience in Russia might just be insignificantly small number, but for us, they are valuable friends.

I think that this whole ordeal should bring to attention the importance of community management in bridging this gap. This mess must have really been hard on @ThanatosNoa and @stormshade. [Whether they brought it on themselves, or could have done anything to prevent it is up for debate]. Hopefully this shows Counterplay and NamcoBandi the importance of community management and communication. [Communication in particular has been something that has stirred up the community on multiple occasions]. Once again, I look forward to seeing more of our community managers in our community. Hopefully, something of this magnitude does not happen again.


I’d be glad if you did, since I’m unsatisfied either.


I don’t actually think this shows anything.

What did we get?
An official statement.
Kinda apologies. Half apologies. “Sorry, we didn’t think it’s so important, cause there are few banned players.”

What didn’t we get?
Any answers. What we know now is the same we knew before the statement.
Any actions. The situation is the same as before the statement.

I don’t see how this shows anything to CPG and BN.


It clearly doesn’t. The past didn’t show them anything and this wont either. They are blind. Or worse, they see and they don’t care. They’re either incompetent or they actually don’t give a damn about their players. Either way, it’s a disgrace of a company.


Well, monday is over. Still no reply from the support team. I’m going to wait two days more, then send another ticket. Nothing more I can do, really.


I’d go for a refund at least, that was OK’ed by @stormshade, and you should include all purchases made in the last 6 months in the request imo.


I’ll be stubborn.


I have got my account back. Thanks to everyone who help me.

I will try to have a better behavior in game.

See you.


Great to hear!! :slight_smile:


I’m glad to hear that. Now we know that those guys there are really doing something about these issues :grinning:


If we could ask what region you’re in


France I think.


Not to try and fan flames, but were your troubles the same as Alplod’s? I thought you only had password troubles?

Please correct me if I’m wrong. May very well be misremembering.


Yeah, I think you’re correct:

Still, I’m glad for the guy. And it also means support works.


Okay, so huramchi was aided by the fact that they fixed BN-US and BN-EU websites to work properly.

As such, not to dampen spirits, but don’t let this mark an improvement in Alplod’s situation; better to not get your hopes up than to do so and have them fall further, in my expierence. Temperance.