#BringBackAlplod & An Appeal to CPG


Yeah I really do hope this isn’t the case


I’m probably just repeating everyone else but…
Just to clarify, you have used the “reset password” function on the America website. (You didn’t get redirected to another page.)

If you’re not in the US it will try to keep redirecting you to the home page of a different BNEA.

I stopped it from redirecting by not allowing the page to finish loading. I only allowed the page to load up enough, so that I can enter my email.
I’ve received the email in my gmail account, which gave me a link. The link also tried to redirect me so I didn’t let it finish loading either.

I have managed to reset my password earlier today. Mostly just reposting in case it got missed.

EDIT: Oh, have you tried to type your email in non-capital letters? Emails are not case-sensitive, but it seems their website won’t let you submit emails if you include capital letters anywhere. (BNEA needs to get their stuff together :unamused:)


You’re talking about this…

Lol…I eventually got it quoted right…:sweat_smile:


And since I was there during the launch of HOMM VII where the devs very illegally let us know through unofficial channels that they REALLY wanted to help and reply but were forbidden that’s precisely what I was wondering/asking/fearing!

(btw that was Ubisoft, not BN!!)


Potential workaround on getting an official update. Send one message with you email address to literally every CPG and BN developer and rep. If they hear back from someone, they can provide an official/unofficial update with no names attached for employee safety.

I’m looking to wait longer myself on this ordeal, but this came to mind from your comment @Aeruniel


Just came to mind, but I think this IS likely the case, as @stormshade pointed out that it’s their job to work with providing good customer support (see his/her introduction page).

As such, I’d request that we no longer look to Ryvirath and ThanatosNoa. As a community, we should know them well enough to know that they would’ve helped and communicated with us now if they could’ve.

@stormshade is a part of BN, so s/he may be capable of answering these issues.

EDIT: To Ryv and Than, I’m certain that you and the rest of CPG are just as displeased as we are by these events. I understand that these events must be out of your hands, and as such, want to iterate that I’m sorry you devs are in the stance you are now in. No one wants this, and everyone would like this to be resolved. Best we can do is continue pestering BN until they acknowledge and address this issue!


Alright, I want to give you all an update. I’ve been in contact with CPG and Alpod since Saturday-ish about the issue. The CPG/BNEA team have only had ~8 hours (this Monday) to officially look into the situation (since they don’t work weekends AND work regular business hours). Please know that they have been working fast to bring out a proper message for the community, and a response is coming soon.

On a smaller note, please remember that Ryvirath is no longer on the community team (he is now part of the balance team). While he is welcome to talk with us, he cannot answer these kinds of questions.

A unique perspective on the Region-Lock

No it’s not likely that’s the case, because they wouldn’t have posted this 13 days ago while the BN announcement was 19 days ago if that was the case, I think:


Thanatos may have moved onto the community side, but may be permitted to do less than CPG was previously able to do prior to BN coming over. The role swap occurring after the BN announcement may have simply been a delay in executing the change.


I wonder if a lot of login issues are caused by this- Confused over Login UI

It’s not impossible to see that the confusion between the old login vs. new login would cause this. Also the old login has no viable way of directing players to the new one, so it’s probably an issue that would not help this case… :confused:


i used tunnel bear has explain in a previous post to stay on the us namco site.

if i haven’t done this i will be redirect on the french page.


Well it’s friday… little less than 6 hours left to the deadline I proposed. I am sad.


I’m kinda trying to remain in touch with support team, asking questions and such.

I was in Poland recently (just a 1-day trip to Warsaw), and asked support if the game is available in Poland, and if I can get my account back.

This is the responce, I got:

"Hello alplod,

Unfortunately, you contacted us and registered from a restricted country. The only way you would have been able to register for an account and play the game would be through VPNs or other workarounds that we do not support. The management team has stated that the decision to keep your account banned will remain at this time. We do apologize for the inconvenience."

Well… I did not use VPN to register. In reality, my account linking worked perfectly, which surprised me. But I have nothing to prove this. It’s my word against their word.

Also, it is really impossible to register from Russia without using VPN at the moment. I tried just for the sake of curiosity. If you try you will get “sorry, the service is unavailable at the moment”. Funny, how fast they do cut their loose ends.

Additionally, how was I supposed to know that my country is restricted without any notification?

EDIT: Also, how do they know I registered from restricted country?


This is crazy.

They didn’t even answer your question: what’s the situation for Poland?
What’s the situation for the Ukraine?

What happens after you moved there?

This is extremely unprofessional and gives the appearance that they’re running around like headless chickens, scrambling to make sense of it themselves and in the meantime lacking the courage to communicate or admit they are still figuring it out themselves.

Or, it’s intentional and evil.


Nothing different. No password reset or account access. I guess my account is just hard banned. They hate me personally :grin:


It takes quite a bit of gall to pretend a years-old game didn’t exist because they’ve only chosen to acknowledge its existence a few weeks ago. They know alplod didn’t do anything wrong: they’re covering their asses against potential legal action because this situation might very well boil down to simple fraud. Selling something to someone and then withholding the product bought without any demonstrable wrong-doing on the part of the customer is a crime in any country with a functioning legal system.

Tick tock, @stormshade & CPG.


I am quite sure there will be no responce. Ever.

The official point is quite clear for me.

Here it is. In my own words.

<blsht Someone named Alplod created a BN account from a restricted region at his own risk, using VPN. Using VPN is not allowed due to EULA. Thus, this special someone named Alplod, will never get his account back, since the creation and existance of it violates EULA.

Could he create an account without VPN? No. Our site doesn’t allow registering from restricted countries. Just see - it doesn’t allow it now => it didn’t allow it then. /blsht>

So, I tell you I didn’t use any VPNs. They tell you I did.

TBH, you also don’t have any proof, that i did not use VPN. I may be lying to you.

The situation does not require any kind of responce. If there WILL be responce - it means they admit they’re wrong.

The best position for them is just accusing me of doing wrong through support, and make no official statements. Any official statement makes them consider my view. Lack of it just shows that they’re not going to speak to just another “EULA violator” and “lier”.


Except that ThanathosNoa indicated that it was the region, meaning Russia, that was the problem, and the steam storepage also indicates that.

And Russians are still playing, those who haven’t contacted support.

So that alone tells me they are clueless, OR they have some agenda.

But it cannot be that they think you used VPN, really, as it would be obvious from all the other players in Russia still playing that it was possible to do without using VPN.

I just don’t know.


No player in Russia has reported that s/he is playing without VPN.

Would anyone sane report it now? No way.

So official position may be - no one is playing from Russia. Prove otherwise.

EDIT. I’m not a lawyer, but I can perfectly see, I have no power here. If only I had enough spare time and money to hire a lawyer and go to court…in USA, there could be any chance of justice.

I can cry, make posts, contact press, curse their name, make sacrifices to pagan gods, it won’t help.

But I will do everything named above nevertheless. Maybe, even some sacrifices.

EDIT2. Sorry for the outburst. I just become more and more angry each time I talk about it. And I kinda can’t stop.


I’m sure this partnership with Bandai Namco will go well. Glad to see that the game’s doing great when I’m gone.

comes back


Shame on me for kickstarting this project, I suppose.