#BringBackAlplod & An Appeal to CPG


I wonder why this only seems to happen to non-US players.

I just don’t like having anyone being denied equal access to the game.


if it is anything deemed inappropriate by CPG or i assume now Bandai, they have been known to change the names of the users or use the old name in the top 50 list


My first post about it.


I had trouble this morning with duelyst. I try to log with my steam account.

The client wanted my email adress and my password i don’t know why because i have done that already when i log the first time.

Since i can’t log because i forgot my password and when i want a new one, the client get me on a duelyst page that tell me i have to go on the namco bandai website.

This website tell me that my e-mail adress doesn’t exist…

What can i do?

I bought Vanilla packs and 2 extensions. are they lost?

Thank for the attention.


Just to be precise, have you forgotten your Duelyst password, or BN password?


My duelsyt account and it don’t exist anymore on my steam account.

I try to download the duelsyt client to see if it work better soo I erase my the steam version and now it have deseppear.


Well the weekend’s passed and this is the dev response we’ve seen so far. Pretty ironic dontchathink?

You know what? I think that’d be pretty awesome. It might also help reach more people, which would be nice if nothing continues to happen.

Hey @huramachi, thanks for stepping forward about this. Have you contacted customer support about this? And would you mind telling us where you’re from? Seems like you might be yet another victim of BNitis.

PS: I’m thanking people for coming forward with their issues because it can help us understand what’s going on and potentially avoids having people just logging off one day and never returning without even a word. Just in case anyone was wondering.


I’m french and that’s the problem. the reset password fonction is on the .com namco site and i’m automaticly forwarded to the .fr namco site.

but I mad a move. I succeed to go the login page of the american namco site and ask for a new password (good news my account still exist) but on the reset password page i’m stillforwarded on the french namco page.:disappointed_relieved:



You might be yet another person who might be helped by trying out the workaround I posted here:

BN’s probably made an EU BNAE account for you, but Duelyst only works with a US BNAE account, which would also be why you probably didn’t get an account confirmation email (did I guess that correctly?). Maybe try it out and/or let us know if you can login and play using play.duelyst.com. If you can we can start figuring out if we can get a client back up and working for you again, or otherwise if you indeed did contract BNitis.


Thanks ,it was a good help. I have change my account password on Namco site but i stll can’t connect too Duelsyt.

Always the same sentence invalide email or password.


Yikes, that’s some next level issue that I don’t think we’ve come across yet. Did BN support confirm that they have your email address?


yes, they have it.


I have called the French namco hot line.

They where very polite but they can’t do nothing for me. Everything is check in the US. they tell me to make a request on the us namco site what i already did.


I honestly don’t know what else you can do, anyone else have any ideas? To me it sounds like you’re just screwed at this point.



This isn’t funny anymore, I haven’t even attempted the login and linking yet. Regardless, this SHOULD NOT have happened. We can’t be denied an update for this long.


Ryvirath was last seen 2 mins ago (forum function, you can check)… so I guess they feel they should not reply (yet).


To be honest we do not know if they are under some different contract guidelines that is stopping them from responding to this matter because of their “partnership” with Tekken 7… I mean Bandai Namco


I can’t imagine @stormshade would be unable to inform us. Or at least SOMENE as a BN rep.


@isbee suggested something, which I forgot what it was, but I am a US resident who’d be willing to help. We really should be seeing some form of proper solution than all these work around a though.


If CPG agreed to a partnership that stipulated that they are disallowed from talking to us about issues we’re in even more trouble than I imagined. Yeah there might be strings, but those’d be strings CPG would’ve agreed binding themselves to.


I don’t see this in Reddit, so I dunno if you put it up there, but I think thatd help in it’s effectiveness (hopefully).

We also have to understand that progress can only be made when @hulk12345/@alplod is actually around to work on it.