#BringBackAlplod & An Appeal to CPG


Dear CPG,

I was excited when I heard the news of your partnership with Bandai Namco. I thought it would be good for the game’s publicity and help you focus your energy on the game while leaving the non-creative busywork to someone else. Win, win, win, I thought. But as the actual BN integration rolled out some things started becoming unsettlingly clear: Bandai Namco is not holding up their side of the bargain. I assume they’re getting a cut of the Duelyst revenue in exchange for doing the publishing and customer support side of the business, and so far it’s become clear that they haven’t bothered to put in the work to properly set up the customer support side of things. We’ve come across a smattering of issues that do get picked up by an actual human somewhere (which is good), but one that is seemingly unable to provide anything but the most basic of support. @locoblutaxt has their issues, mine have been quite disturbing to me and now we’ve reached new depths with @hulk12345/@alplod getting systematically locked out of their account seemingly for the crime of mentioning that they live in Russia (despite this never being an issue before).

Support pages for the EU and Russia haven’t been set up, account linking is malfunctioning by accidentally linking Duelyst accounts to BN-EU rather than BN-USA and password reset and BNAE account confirmation mails are unavailable or somehow get lost on their ways. Support seems to try their best but has no actual authority (as far as I have been able to tell) to get these issues resolved. Some of it I can begrudgingly bear as the annoyance of a modern age where a small games company needs to struggle to get a larger company to keep its end of the bargain, but alplod’s case is where I personally draw the line.

Curiously absent from my rant so far is how, you, Counter Play Games have been dealing with these issues. Put simply: you haven’t. No public statement, no mention of how you’re trying to deal with this, not even a word from the Discord chat afaik. As far as I can tell you’re leaving one of your customers hanging high and dry, washing your hands of all this presumably because it’s BN’s problem now. Maybe there’s a good reason for all of that, maybe there are strings I am simply unaware of, but as a customer and a community member this concerns me deeply. What kind of company would leave a customer hanging without as much as a ‘hang in there’ courtesy message? What kind of company doesn’t put out a statement that they’re aware of the issues and promise to remedy asap and compensate negatively affected customers appropriately?

I hope that there’s information I’m not privy to that will surface in the comments to this post, but if they don’t or are woefully inadequate I’m calling for a #BringBackAlplod campaign that resolves to stop spending any real-world money on Duelyst as long as alplod remains locked out of their account. If simple concern doesn’t prompt a response maybe a call to action will. Regardless of what anyone else does I’m personally not spending money to buy Orbs any more until I’m confident that customers don’t get locked out of this wonderful game for frivolous, random or incompetency reasons. BN owes you proper customer support and I expect you to actively take our side when they fail to do so.

So please CPG, #BringBackAlplod.

Hello community, Flip here (2)

@thematsjo, thanks, bro. I’m still waiting for responce of any kind.


Well written!

I hope I get the time the next few days to write down the technical issues I have and send them to BN and CPG. Since I have to reveal some of my account-data for it I don’t do this in public but I will do it for them to see that there are issues that have to be resolved.
Since I can play the game my issues are kind of insignificant in comparison to @alplod / @hulk12345 anyways.



Good post.

Most has been said before and it echoes and words well the concerns/feelings many of us have.

New (to me at least) is the idea for a potential boycot if things do not approve soon.

I am all for it.

Let’s make it concrete shall we?

The boycot should not start now, obviously we’ll give them some more time to react, but if there is no positive news or fix by friday 16:00 GMT it will go into effect immediately.

I think that gives them ample time to react, research and provide us with a timeframe for the solution of the problem.

Diamond Sale – Duelyst

I am ready for this kind of boycot any time :joy:

Count me in)


Count me in as well, this has honestly been really messed up as I followed the story through the forums and you have all my support guys!


@ThanatosNoa a great post that shows the problems everyone brought up.


It seems to have been a badly handled and slow to address situation. I’ve been on the side that supported Duelyst during even through the unpopular things, such as the removal of monthly cards. I agree that it is terrible that someone who has played the game a good length of time and supported the game through buying orbs, and taking part of the forums is currently locked out of the game for seemingly no real reason. Although I can’t take part in not buying orbs boycott (because I’m already avoiding them due to the diamond virtual currency implementation), so it would be a meaningless point of action for myself to take to show support. So even though I wouldn’t call myself a friend of Alplod, I’d be happy to show support through boycotting the game and other Namco games, if a positive outcome doesn’t happen since no one should have this happen to them.


I’d like everyone to remember that it’s currently early Monday morning in USA.

I think some dev responces would appear soon.


All good and fine, but please don’t overestimate CPG: we have no guarantee that they have a direct line with Bandai Namco to address these issues. Also, the weekend was right in the middle, which complicates this kind of things.

Bandai Namco is a big brand and they sure have a huge backend for handling their accounts. I would not be surprised if they need to involve quite a few people to rectify this issue, which may slow things down.

CPG has always been attentive to their customers to the best of my knowledge and I do think there are some real obstacles which slow things down in this case. That said, I hope our friend here will be able to get his account back really soon.


I yet have to see one tradtitional tempo argeon in s rank…youre certainly right about there beeing some
I assume that your silence about anything else ive said means that you agree with me?


perhaps @stormshade can help?


Not really, but I don’t feel like talking about it right now( or probably ever for that matter).


Please stop doing this here. You and @terrarius.


I’m sorry. I just can’t stand people complaining about things when they don’t need to. Enough of that.

I was holding out on saying something about this, due to it being a weekend, I gave BNEA and CPG the benefit of the doubt for this reason. If we don’t see any statement or alplods account being unsuspended soon, I will be extremely concerned. I’m already worried but I have hope that this the customer support isn’t as bad as we’ve all been led to believe.



Sorry to dissapoint you but big publishers are usualy terrible in terms of quality…because they are so popular that they can afford that.
Duelyst is nothing more than an experiment for them…
a easy cashgrab if the mobileversion ends up succesfull
no big loss if it ends up failing since very little went into the partnership from their end.
Big publishers are most of the time just cunning and want nothing else than profit(honorble people want their customers to be happy)…they dont care about their customers aslong those pay well and attempt any cheap trick to accomplish their payment

Its unfortunate but this kind of garbage had to be expected…this kind of garbage is the reason ive lost all my faith in big publishers and hestitate more to buy a AAA game than i hestitate to buy a indiegame(+ the bonus hestitation from the massive pricedifference)



I have the same issue


Are you saying you’re locked out of your account as well?

Or are you replying to someone/something else?

I want to be certain here as it’s a huge deal: if this happened to more people who knows how many just silently curse the companies involved or complain only in support mails to BN?

Also, it might indicate that mentioning your location has nothing to do with it, which is also good to know.

So, please elaborate @huramachi


I personally wouldn’t mind changing my username to support this if we don’t get a response by the end of the month. I’m aiming for S-rank top 50 this month so the name should appear when they post their monthly top 50.


Quite a time passed, and no responce of any kind. At least “we’re working on it”/“we know what to do” would be appreciated by now, @stormshade/@ThanatosNoa/anyone else.