Breaking Skywind Glaives: A How-To Discussion


I don’t know about you, but I’ve always liked Lyonar’s preoccupation with formations. I like the concept of Zeal, I like the ‘stay-close-or-die’ cards (Decimate and Sky Burial), and as a result I like Skywind Glaives as well. Problem is, I haven’t yet managed to take the card and turn it into any kind of powerhouse, and, well, I’d like to! So here’s a thread all about discussing Skywind Glaives’ potential, or lack thereof. I know the next expansion might change things around, but when has that ever stopped us from discussing the existing meta.

With the release of Zyx I was expecting a slew of players trying the little gobbo out, checking out its potential, but that doesn’t seem to have happened. And I was of course waaay to busy with obsessing over Healyonar variants to try it out myself. But now, after some preliminary testing, I’ve come up with a swarm/zoo deck that I’d like to use to springboard discussion of Skywind Glaives because I think Zyx might be the thing to push Skywind Glaives’ potential just enough to be viable. Here it is:

The strategy is very simple:

  1. Flood the board
  2. Pump your weenies
  3. Swing for lethal

Lyonar is especially good with Zyx because of their unique access to Argeon’s BBS, Sun Wisp, Fighting Spirit and Skywind Glaives, alongside some typical strong cards. You just flood the board with everything you have (praying the opponent doesn’t pack early mass removal) then buff them with Roar and Skywind Glaives for massive damage turns. Sun Wisp (also a weenie), Sojourner and Solarius maintain your hand size, you use Fighting Spirit for tactical survivability and curving out, and Tiger is just Tiger. Bloodtear Alchemist helps ping Artifacts and finishes off key threats.

I think this is an example of a deck where Skywind Glaives can do as well as it possibly can: if it’s going to be good anywhere it should be in a deck like this, right? My initial testing suggests that the deck is overwhelmingly strong if you get a good opener (of course), but struggles against a lot of Provoke and high Health minions. The good news is that Slo and Silverguard Knight help keep these threats out of fights for júst long enough to achieve lethal, and occasionally Afterblaze and Holy Immolation do the job all by themselves.

What do you think? Is Skywind Glaives good enough in a deck like this? Does the card have any hope whatsoever? Am I approaching this all wrong?

PS: I’d consider making space for Azurite Lion, but I’m still working on what I’d cut out. Adept’s Zeal is what makes Afterblaze work in the deck.


I’ve always liked the card a lot as well, but forgot about it sometime after never having seen it save from Grincher.

Thing is:

This sounds super duper vulnerable. Most, if not all midrange decks will have some sort of mass clear. A lot of Songhai is using Twin Strike/ghost lightning (correct me if I’m wrong), Tempest is not that uncommon for lyonar, and I wouldn’t imagine any vanar list without at least one Frostburn if they’re not looking to end the game asap. You’d probably be able to power through a Plasma Storm with the artifact though. Most of your minions could survive a ghost lightning, but the other spells, not so much. Do you think Blaze Hound might work better than Soj? You definitely need to end the game asap playing this, so the instant draw might work better. Or even Jammer, considering you have no beefy minions beyond Silverguard and top out at 3 barring Solarius.

I could see it being very hard to deal with if you didn’t have those options - Vet would need to see it coming and find Rasha’s in time, or play the long game with an Ankh. Cass might be able to manage with Grasp and her minions, but not every deck has Grasp.

Have you tested this? Has it had any success? I’d very much like to see it in action.


Azurite Lion definitely sounds nice for this list. I think you’re right to consider it. Skywind Glaives + Roar on a celerity minion is fun to pull off. (Reminds me of my Lysian Brawler, Skywind Glaives days). Maybe Repulsor Beast as a cheap way to get a threat far away while also providing a body. Personally, I don’t think 3 copies of Skywind Glaives are necessary since your primary goal is to flood, so maybe that’s where you could start putting in other cards you want. At the end of the day, do by you, because that’s just my thought. Watch out for Frenzy cards when grouping minions together, as well as Grasp of Agony and Holy Immolation (kinda like frenzy). With that said, enjoy your weenies.


I mean if your deck is build for that type of gameplay, where you are spaming board with low cost minions and buff them, is SG very good. I cant tell you if it will function, but I mean it is a good conception! :slight_smile:


Play three Spelljammers. The card is incredibly good in any type of deck that tries to overwhelm its opponents with minion-based board pressure. It’s already fantastic if you run it just for its stats and its draw but it gets even better in a deck which puts the opponent on a clock through its minions. Most often your opponent ends up having to kill the Jammer on his turn in order to maintain a manageable board state which puts Jammer’s value over 9000. It drew you cards without drawing your opponent cards and it also took some of your opponents resources to be dealt with.

Also, I wouldn’t cut any Glaives. They are cheap, they stack, they represent good burst and most important: they make the rest of the deck work – play three.

I even like Sojourner because of the Glaives. I would probably cut Solarius because he’s too slow, probably also remove Fighting Spirit because it’s too weak and add three Sunblooms and a third Alchemist instead.

Share your experiences if you keep playing the deck :slight_smile:


How about Sky Phalanx? It has nice synergy with Glaives.


2 Pump your weenies

Didn’t think of putting Zyx and Glaives together though. Good idea!


It definitely can be; Fighting Spirit is one of the big ways to survive Lightning, and Zyx is really wonderful for surviving that already. Twin Strike can be brutal but I do tend to spawn more than two bodies each turn. Tempest is a real killer; it’s not so ubiquitous to kill the idea, but without Fighting Spirit everything under 3 Health is toast; which is a lot of this deck xD.

I really like Blaze Hound, but I also really like Sojourner with Argeon because of his BBS, and because I don’t feed my opponent a card using it. Spelljammer has a similar issue, and the extra mana seems pretty steep for this deck. It’s an issue I need to further test for to figure out, it’s a tricky one.

Yes I’ve tested it, and the results have been very binary; overwhelming victory or crushing defeat if the opponent packs any <3 mana answer. Frostfire and Plasma Storm seem to have been ineffective or too slow so far. Frenzy is very hard to play against.

I’ve been mulling over if I should invest in a full Spelljammer set for a little while now. I have 1 right now, maybe I’ll do some testing first. I’m not sure if I agree on Fighting Spirit yet; the extra Health has saved me so often it’s starting to grow on me. mulls things over

I do like Sky Phalanx but I’m not sure the deck should be taking that long to function, ya know?


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