Brainstorm for Eggmar buffs


Yo Duelysts, its no secret here on the forums that I am have been hoping and wishing and begging counterplay for egg support since before the Shimzar expansion. With me finally getting over the depression onset by this last expansion I think its a good time to discuss the future of Eggs in duelyst

As it stands there is very little support for eggs in duelyst, and what little we have is both unreliable and unviable. With the Bloodborn expansion we got the massive disapointment that is the Seal of Valknu. Whats worse every faction has been given plenty of tools to clear any number of eggs we might spawn.

That being said I’m trying to think positively and am holding out hope that we might one day get some real support for eggmar. So I pose this question: What sort of support would you hope to see for Eggmar, how might new Egg based cards work and what changes to current cards might make them viable without being overpowered?

My current favorite ideas

Lowering damage and cost of Mornin Khur

A 2 drop with an egg based effect (Hatching or protecting)

Lowering the cost of Spirit of Valknu

General cost lowering for most egg based cards


Cards that either increase eggs health or allows them to move/teleport would make eggmar viable.

Something in the vein of dreadnought, but at 2/3 mana would make a big difference. I think this alone would make eggmar see extensive play on the ladder. If dreadnoughts cost(and stats) was lowered and it got rid of its attack buff, just the 2 health to eggs would make it playable.
Heck, it would even be great as an artifact that gave eggs +2 health. Imagine a 1 or 2 mana artifact that combined with chrysalis burst.

Also something similar to twilight fox or envybaer, while very situational, would keep eggs out harms way.

Force field would be awesome, but I don’t see CP ever giving Magmar faction force field units or spells like they did with lyonar.

While things like spell shield or immunity would be great, it tends to be too specific to cover enough damage sources to be relevant when dealing with 1 health minions

On a side note: growmar just needs a spell that either replicates Morin khur, egg morph, or moloki huntress. (Like a spell that makes grow trigger when cast)


Throwing some hastily conceived ideas out here:

  1. Reduce Morin-Khur’s attack buff by 1 or 2 and drop its cast cost to 4. Perhaps it could cost 3 if the attack buff is removed entirely.

  2. Introduce a card that drops a random egg at a targeted space nearby your general for 3 mana.

  3. Add a cheap spell (maybe 2-3 mana) that states “Until your next turn, when a friendly egg is summoned or destroyed, it deals 2 damage to all nearby enemies.” This will punish some attempts to remove your eggs. (I’d prefer to have a spell that grants forcefield to eggs or makes them untargetable by spells, but beside the fact it might be too broken it also doesn’t respect Magmar’s faction identity.)

  4. Perhaps a nice addition would be a 4 mana 3/3 Rebirth minion with "other friendly minions hatched from eggs gain +1/+1.

  5. A 6 mana 4/4 Rebirth minion that spawns a random Egg nearby whenever it takes damage. The statline might make this too powerful as you can abuse it with Kujata and Flash and still keep it alive, so perhaps toning down at least the hp to 3 or even 2 might make it somewhat balanced.

  6. Maybe reduce Dreadnought’s mana cost to 5 and reduce its statline to 3/4, though this will be at odds with its aesthetic and name. =p


The most important thing would be having decent minions with Rebirth. I think the only one which sees play is Young Silithar.

It’s a bit of a pity that a faction-defining keyword has been overlooked by the devs so far. It is not the only case, see Infiltrate in Vanar, but it’s definitely something I would like to see rectified soon.

  • More Rebirth minions. A 3 drop, a 5 drop.
  • Ways to protect eggs. Dreadnought was a step in the direction. And actually, he fits the curve. He’s the 6 drop Rebirth minion.
  • Believe it or not, I think Chrysalis Burst was an okay-ish idea. I’m all in for more Egg generators.
  • Tier 3 Generals are confirmed. Make the third General have synergy with that. Grow is in an “okay” spot, not GOOD but, okay. And Vaath probably fits within the Grow theme so yeah.


I’m thinking:

  • Veteran Silithar: 4/4

Eggmar needs good mid-range minions that have reliable stats and not just combo potential.

  • Morin Khur: 4 cost, hatch 1 egg.

Morin Khur is too expensive, in a good scenario it will usually only work once but it costs 5 mana. That’s because it can combo with chrysalis burst, at the expense of all other plays.

  • Wild Interceptor: 3 mana, 2/3.

Falcius is a 3/3 that lets you deal 2-4 damage without being punished. Wild Interceptor is a 3/3 that can, under specific & rare conditions, let you deal 2-4 damage without being punished.
Falcius works all the time and costs 3. Wild Interceptor works rarely and costs 4.

New possibilities can be added to non-egg cards.

  • Dance of Dreams: 2 mana; When a friendly minion dies on your opponent’s turn, draw a card.

This is more reliable and has more combo potential. It gives 2 cards for each rebirth minion killed, it works well with Nature’s Confluence and Chrysalis burst. Your opponent also controls whether your minions survive or you draw.

  • Spirit Harvester: When this minion moves, deal 1 damage to all other minions.

So it doesn’t kill all your eggs. A lot of removal doesn’t work well in Egg decks because of their design, it’s important to give magmar decks some flexibility.

  • Mind Steal: Summon a random minion from your opponents deck, give it Rebirth.

You wouldn’t steal a minion. With this you might.


Veteran Silithar would be nerfed at 4/4, should make it a 5/2 or even 6/2 (Hailstone is 4/6). The point of rebirth is that they actually die in order to be reborn.

A card that gives rebirth is nice indeed, but on Mindsteal?

My most important ones:
Make Wild Inceptor cost 2 mana (can alter stats).
Make Dreadnought cost 5 mana (can lower attack).
Make Morin-Khur 1 mana cheaper (can lower attack).


Veteran Silithar used to be very popular at 4/5. The important thing for Veteran Silithar is that you get some guaranteed value for 4 mana, decent stats that doesn’t rely on a conditional ability. Being able to survive until your turn is also important for rebirth. More health should be a buff in most situations.

Mindsteal! Nothing suits mindsteal. It’s not the most serious suggestion, but Rebirth could hit two birds with one stone, help them both out a bit without any serious changes.


My take on it was that this was the thread purely to discuss improvements to Meggmar, hence not making Veteran Silithar have some guaranteed value but enticing players to employ Rebirth mechanics.
And in that context I would not make him 4/4.


I think someone renamed my thread, not that I mind. I didn’t exactly pick a particular straightforward name. It is interesting though…almost as if someone out there is interested in getting feedback for Eggmar…


Brood guard
3 mana 3/1
Rebirth, flying, Dying wish: summon a Rex egg

A viable Magmar 3 drop that has egg synergy and reach.


Buffing rebirth minions is buffing rebirth decks…

The start to making Eggmar viable is giving Eggmar some reliable minions that can compete on their own, eggmar’s combos are neither good, frequent, nor cheap enough to carry the deck. The base of every deck are minions, you need good minions to use whether you have combos or not. If nobody wants to use rebirth minions then nobody is going to make a rebirth deck.

The only rebirth minions are Rex, Young Silithar, Veteran Silithar, Dreadnought, and Silithar Elder. Veteran is the only Rebirth minion between 3-5 mana, Veteran is the core of an egg deck.


How to keep our eggs from getting scrambled => Brainstorm for Eggmar buffs

Seems the title was edited by eudaimonia, who i assume is a forum mod.
It probably isn’t for feedback. I’m guessing it was either to make it easier for people to understand in the forums, or it was to discourage players from complaining about the game.


Hush! Let me dream! Dons tin foil hat counterplay is secretly watching me and will use this thread to make eggmar great.


Oh Hey, I’ve been out of the loop for a while. Where’d we get the info?


Here you go, it was deWize, checking twitter everyday for you :wink:



I hope they give the general an existing niche instead of creating one.
Though I’m very excited for the new Magmar General then (One-track mind…)


Well we disagree then, no problem.
In the way I would fix it rebirth combo’s would be made easier/cheaper, to promote the playstyle, not the minions themselves be buffed to promote those minions.


Personally I’m excited to see it for…
The LORE! From what we’ve seen so far, Generals for Magmar are the Thirteen Aspects, the 13 sons of the Queen. So we’d get to see one more! As of now we know Starhorn and Vaath’s abilities and a bit about Valknu. I wonder which one will be the next, and THIS more than anything keeps me hyped for them.
Oh damn, I got off topic again. Please don’t sue me.


Some unit that grants all eggs Forcefield would be a nice buff to eggmar.