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Boys! Snow did it again! (A working nemeton)


How do i define a working nemeton? Basically 9 out of 10 games nemeton comes out on the 6 or 7 mana to buff your win.

Now we all enjoy other concepts, but this is my favorite.

In a Need for a guide? If you need i’ll make one.



I don’t think I will play this because I have no Vanar legendaries but it looks really good!


What do you use Lady Locke for?
Isn’t there too much transforms and provokers for it.

Glad to see more Nemeton :slight_smile:.


Lady locke is good for buying time, and buff units beyond the plasma storm line.
Which lock the enemy and buy you more time.

Transform works as a token generator and a removel that’s why six of it.
And it usually easy to find and easy to proc early on gravity well or another non token minions.


Could we get some replays? It’s just it’s so rare to see all the planets aligning to get Nemeton I wish I could replay it. Also, it’s a 13k deck so, you know, I’d like to see it in action before crafting like crazy @.@


Wallet Ilena? Wallena? Idk.

Love the deck, looks pretty well refined, and I’m glad it’s working. In your experience is Ilena best for Nemeton, or just the general you wanted to use?


Congrats, glad to see somebody has finally made a consistent Nemeton deck.

Is there a reason for the lack of Luminous Charge? It combos very well with Lady Locke and can also help complete the trial.


Sure! I’ll put some replays once i get home:)
I actually updated rhe deck a weelk ago to have +2 luminous
-1 kron
-1 lady locke.
To test luminous’s impact - i actually almost didn’t use it.


Ilena is somewhat of a personal choice.
But running her gives you the option to open up with disciple + freeze turn 1 on 3 mana.
Which is a token and really sticky one.

Broken replay links

a few replays as promised.

first one - kaboom ka vet:

(a few misplays ha been made)

aggro reva:


wanderer rag:




This is depressing :cry:


well i’m having fun:)


Don’t feel like playing versus the same 5 guys ?

Please, teach me how to have fun again :confused:


Step one - find a favorite archtype
Step two - find a favorite card
Step three - build a deck around them
Step four - lose until you win and then win some more:)


Replays has been posted:)


Having played you while you used this deck: Disciple of Yggdra is so, so good in this context.


He’s a core minion for a good reason, it’s a pain to deal with


Is Iceshatter Gauntlet of any use? You seem to replace it every time to go for your main strategy.


i put it just in case the game will go into defensive state and as a main bbs synergy this goew well into the deck

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