Bounded Lifeforce - Why I can't play this card. [Suggestion]


Hi guys,

As the thread title says, I can’t play this card in my deck despite the fact that it is an ideal card for aggro Magmar and it actually has a ton of utility.

The reason? The name of the card makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

Bounded Lifeforce? Its either a typo or the devs don’t know what “bounded” actually means.
Allow me to use it in a sentence.

“Lassie the dog bounded over the fence.”

“Jim came bounding down the stairs.”

Please, devs, change the name of the card so it makes sense. My top suggestions are as follows :-

BONDED Lifeforce (as in, lifeforce that is bonded to the spell and can then be bonded to the General)

BONDING Lifeforce (as in, lifeforce that is of a bonding nature and will bond to the General upon cast)

BOUND Lifeforce (self explanatory)

A quick name change and all will be jake with the world - please look into Devs. I implore you!




Errr, it might help to actually read the dictionary, and more than just the first definition:


  1. simple past tense and past participle of bind.


  1. tied; in bonds:
    a bound prisoner.
  1. made fast as if by a band or bond:
    She is bound to her family.
  1. secured within a cover, as a book.
  1. under a legal or moral obligation:
    He is bound by the terms of the contract.
  1. destined; sure; certain:
    It is bound to happen.
  1. determined or resolved:
    He is bound to go.

I assume you can see how most of these aside from 5 apply. The verb definition also fits directly what you are asking for…


There is a sense of being “bounded” when you’re not allowed to have more than 10 HP tbh.

I use it in my more control-ish Magmar build, for when you run out of healing. And if you use it before you run out of healing then, shit, those Earth Spheres are just dramatically overcosted cards in your hand at that point (which I guess is why I settled to just have Azure Healers and put in more removal).



If you are analyzing it purely from an English language point of view, the grammar is off. However, from a mathematics standpoint, the name of this card makes perfect sense. A bounded thing in mathematics is something with defined upper and lower bounds. For example, a function f(x) is bounded if its x or y value does not exceed certain values.

The card “bounded life force” alters the upper and lower limited of the general’s stats, or, “lifeforce”, just like how a “bounded” function has upper and lower limits.



As a non native speaker I have no idea what the hell is going on here.


You do nothing to answer my point.

Bound is NOT Bound-ED.

The ‘ed’ on the end completely changes the meaning of the word. Every example you list is correct for BOUND. But I fail to see what you’re trying to prove by using multiple examples of the word BOUND instead of BOUNDED?

Even BOUND LIFEFORCE would be better. In fact that’s probably the best one so far.

The mathematical meaning referring to upper limits and such may make sense but to be honest, it’s not the first thing people think of when they see the word ‘bounded’.


I don’t get your problem. Afaik bounded is the past participle of to bound. According to to bound means to limit as well as to jump. And limited lifeforce makes sense, you limit your health pool to 10, sooooo…


Have you read the lore and the card lore specifically? There’s ‘encumbered’ words everywhere, it’s the way of the world Duelyst takes place in.
One could consider such words and word and grammer usage to enforce the notion that it’s all happening on an alien planet. Kind of like Tolkien and his language things (although he went much further).


For the longest time I always thought it was Unbound Lifeforce, which I think is a cooler name. LIke normally all Lifeforce is bound(kept in check and the same) but powerful Magmar soldiers can “Unbind” themselves and become absurdly strong.


Best explanation I found was on Grammarist:

“Bound vs. bounded
The verb bind makes bound in the past tense and as a past participle. So, for example, if you tied together two things this morning, you bound them together, and the two things were then bound together. Bounded is the past tense and past participle of the verb bound, which has two main definitions: (1) to confine or serve as the boundary of, and (2) to leap or spring. For example, an island is bounded on all sides by water, and somewhere a rabbit bounded out of a bush this morning.”

I learned something today.


It already does make sense. Your lifeforce has been bounded – that is, had its boundaries set – at 10/10.

“Bound Lifeforce” would be grammatical but make less sense for what the card does.


As a native English speaker I can tell you that the past participle of BIND is BOUND. Not BOUNDED.

Also, as a native English speaker I can tell you that ‘bounded’ is at worst nonsensical in this context and at best confusing.

I understand that in mathematics BOUNDED refers to limits being placed upon something, and yes if you take that stance then it makes sense because it limits you to 10/10, but it just SOUNDS SO BAD! Lol!

If you aren’t native or lack an ear for the language, it might escape you but it just sounds so wrong.


Unbound Lifeforce would be a cooler name by far :slight_smile:


You haven’t read @d0k’s reply? He explains it so that it should be clear to you what it means and that it is in fact grammatically correct.
The verb is to bound, not to bind.


The verb being used here is “bound”, not “bind”, as @Aeruniel said. It refers to the reduction in your max health that is the “cost” of getting the +8 attack.

As a native English speaker for probably much longer than you, as well as a professional writer, it makes perfect sense to me. Never once did it ever occur to me that it meant anything other than what it sounds like: the past tense of “bound”. Likewise, I have never heard anyone else ever complain about this before, and most players of this game are native English speakers.

It’s pretty normal, I think, for certain words to just “seem wrong” to our brains even when they are fine. It happens to me on occasion. I think this one is on you buddy. :slight_smile:

With only the small disadvantage of actually meaning the exact opposite of their intentions. :slight_smile:

PS. Google “bounded down the stairs” for another use of “bound”.


Math police is my favourite police


As a professional writing tutor, I must admit that this topic has left me deeply unsettled…haha. While @d0k makes a great point, I struggle with the net connotation: ‘limited, boundary-ed lifeforce’. For a spell that appears to signify an unleashing (2 → 10) as opposed to a limiting, I’d find ‘Boundless’ much more fitting. Perhaps a rename altogether: ‘Channeled’, ‘Apex’, ‘Unburdened’.


I was curious, so I checked, and there is lore for this card. Read it, and I think the name will make more sense.


Grammar police reporting for duty!


(Sorry, couldn’t resist. :smiley: )


We can all throw our professional qualifications around but it doesn’t make you any more right than it makes me.

If bounded is the past tense of bound, then how does that make sense in relation to the card?

A professional writer but not a very good reader it seems, see my original post for the exact example that you have made in your closing sentence.
It seems everyone is getting confused with the word BIND and BOUND.

I understand that ‘bounded’ can be used correctly in relation to a restricted set of values but I am inclined to agree with @eudaimonia in thinking that the connotation is misleading.