Boulder Breacher! (Speculation thread)



Concept art of this unit was teased before the bloodborn expansion. Now, the gif of it is released. Judging by the art, I am guessing that this is a minion that is extremely powerful, but takes time to set up/ is very slow.


4 mana 7/7
Cannot attack and move on the same turn

p.s. I almost forgot the Gurren Lagann jokes! My Drill is the Drill that will Pierce the Heavens! Just who the hell do you think we are!? Something something, Yoko fan service.


What if it moves through whatever it attacks, like it was breaching boulders :thinking:


Twisting Nipple Drill attack go!

Boulder Breacher
Neutral Minion
4 Mana / 4 Attack / 5 Defense
Damage done by this minion cannot be prevented.

Negates Forcefield, Regalia and Concealing Shroud (etc?). Like a nega-Sunsteel Defender.


That is a very interesting effect and I like the idea of it. That being said you have to wonder how viable it would be to run. Specific ounter picks such as this tend not to be picked. (See: crossbones)


So this effect cost 1 health? Cause hailstone is a 4 mana 4/6 vanilla


Neutral 4/4/5

Opening Gambit: Triggers the enemy General with it’s phallic symbolism.



You already know this minion will have the ability to move through enemies.

Look at that drill! LOOK AT IT! You think you’re body-blocking? Cuz you’re not! That drill says to get out the way!


@excogitator that would be so strong with songhai!!
@thematsjo this is very cool and it would justified that huge drill


My spec here is that the next series of seasonal cards are either going to be supportive or “hate” oriented neutrals. With that in mind, I would venture to spec this as either Structure unit support, or Wall unit hate.

4 mana
Opening Gambit: Draw 1 structure card from your deck


3 mana
Opening Gambit: Silence all Wall units in play

The niches are pretty obvious.


If anything, I’d think that that drill would skewer attackers. So maybe it will have an effect like “Deals double damage on counterattacks.”?


I know exactly what it’ll be…
5 Mana Neutral Minion
Opening Gambit: Cause the opponent to think inappropriate thoughts, and get distracted from the game.


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