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Boss disappeared

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I fought, beat it, and a few hours later it’s gone

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IPhone 6

Lol you beat me to it.
But it could be a general topic or technical support topic as well.

Try opening the orb

Yeah, it happened to me as well on the browser version with the orb not working. Guess the boss has been taken down until it gets fixed.

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Yay to everyone who defeated the boss already, hopefully when cpg brings him back we end up with double rewards.

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I was one turn away…:persevere:

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Mystery solved

Boss was unnecessarily easy tho

Was it actually a returning boss? I didn’t get to see it, so I don’t know. If it were, I suspect the bug was created by changes to the code because it was a repeated boss.

It’s possible they had to allow the boss to give it orbs again instead of remembering players that had previously beaten it. Just speculation, but possible.

[spoiler][quote=“longshot405, post:10, topic:10146”]
Was it actually a returning boss? I didn’t get to see it, so I don’t know

Some good those eyes are doing you. Maybe you should get glasses…or maybe your should stop glaring, aren’t your eyes hurting?[/spoiler]

I really wouldn’t be surprised if that was the reason!

So when is the boss going to return? I think its been 2 days since they removed him.

Confirmed by dev that it was a bug related to it being a repeat boss - https://www.reddit.com/r/duelyst/comments/6h41ki/comment/diwgoiv

Yeah the orb I got from the boss doesn’t open still. Their facebook page says to contact support. I reported the orb problem on the forums under the technical support section when the boss was still up and haven’t got a reply yet, although I suspect it might be due to the number of people who are in the same position from reddit, discord, e-mailing etc. Personally, I don’t know if it affects other orbs but to be on the safe side I haven’t bought any other orbs in case it does affect them. Plus also helps me start saving gold for the expansion instead of using them on the core/shim’zar sets. Should have started saving ages ago, but I like opening orbs.

The Boss is Back!

I got a response from support, and they turned my one ghost orb into a real one.


Sweet! Hope you got something good.:sunglasses:

so do we all just report our ghost orb(s) to support?