Boss battling advices


What is that? Seems like it could be strong.


flash is short for flash reincarnation
It’s a strong card in the meta right now, you build a deck around this card, your winrate will increase significantly.

bosses are dumb and usually when they have no removal, this thing just keep growing and spawning more golems, unstoppable. I play this card a lot when going for boss fight, but not always, since each boss fight is different.


I have the first one. I doubt I have the second one.


I do have the flash reincarnation as well


If you are planning to play Magmar, get it. Best spell in the game. Guys, it’s an opinion.


Halcyon98 is speaking objectively here:

It may not seem busted on paper, it is the best card in the game and was banned in some tournaments.


My bad, I thought you didn’t have it. I really need new glasses.


My method is to abuse the overly-aggressive AI with certain cards that just work with that idea, currently, Earth Sister Taygete, Wild Tahr, and to a lesser extent Crimson Oculus are my go-to answers for any boss.


Creep works quite well on most bosses. Develop one Shadow Nova with a couple of bbs + Punishes and Crawlers etc. and voila, suddenly you can outvalue the boss with Munch, Juggernauts and Yielding Depths. Finish with Obliterate or double Ghost Azalea for extra spiciness. But, as you can probably guess it’s a bit more expensive archetype (but what Abyss archetype besides hyperswarm isn’t lol).


Yeah wanderer could be kinda strong. It could be kinda broken. I dunno.


exactly my dude. u gotta bring the right kind of snowball/hilarious cards vs bosses. It’s also why they’re fun to play against.

e.g. Ash Memphit is fun vs that transform boss. you get 3 minions with 5-5 worth of stats instead of 3 crappy 2/3 minions


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