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Boss Battles Discussion/Feedback Thread

Boss battles have arrived onto Duelyst, are you prepared for the challenge?

Feel free to discuss all things boss battle related here, how to beat them, feedback on them, how you got crushed or crushed it, anything and everything :smiley:


Post your feedback, advice, debrief, screenshots :stuck_out_tongue:

Been a little bit destabilized to see no mana tile. And also worry for a few second that there won’t be any “side”, negating plenty spells/abilities … but was reassured to see my Wailing OD was fine :stuck_out_tongue:

(first try kill but wasn’t really challenging :confused: )

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just hit em in the face :confused:
he’ll die :confused:

I’m guessing the boss next week will probably be hard, he seems like a boss for beginners

Yeah the boss is rather underwhelming. But still, this may be the optimal difficulty for newer players.
I suggest a “hard mode” for this boss, like with extra stats, board/mana advantage .etc.


Why does he get to start with four mana? It seems like the free weapons every turn is already powerful. But to let him get to cards a full two turns ahead of the first player seems a bit excessive.

Yeah, I thought it was maybe too easy. Took 2 attempts because the first time I tried with the deck I’m currently laddering with and noticed quite early it wasn’t suited for the fight so I switched and did it first try with the 2nd deck. The second time used Vet and the boss didn’t want to approach the obelysks at all. So I could basically put one down and slowly make my moves on my own terms without the boss really fighting back.

I enjoyed it, though it wasn’t particularly hard with 3x Kelaino in the back healing after every hit alongside double Furosa’s 9/9 wraithlings by the end of the game. The endgame was essentially just waiting to draw into Spectral Revenant to finish off the boss since I went aggro-face for the beginning. Still a fun distraction from the ladder! Sad the boss doesn’t say Well Played at the end.

Edit: Cyclone Generator doesn’t show up in replays.

I really like it, but Calibero TOTALLY miss a lethal and preferred to punch my minion


He starts with 4 cards and, as far as I can tell, all of his cards are minions. So, slower decks can do work against him.

Like the practice AI, he likes to waste attacks on walls, Sarlac, Forcefields, and Wraithlings. Edit: Apparently he does have removal, in Entropic Decay and Ironclad. This seems weak though, so large threats like Reaver and Aymara can do work

He does play removal.

Entropic Decay played during my match.

Took a couple of tries (2) due to terrible draws on my end but it was fun. I like the way it plays and I’m hoping this is a test for upcoming Story-mode fights.

Very, Very cool.

I especially like that he cheats and has a great deal of self-preservation if you get him low enough. I should have experimented a bit more with decks against him though.

He stole my favourite minion!

Well aren’t I the weak link. Third attempt success, abandoned the 1st after seeing 2 Regalia’s. Was like, “…nope.” concede. Immediately saw the benefit if I had chosen an aggro deck (went with my go-to control/mid-range deck). 2nd attempt, another regalia, but faced/dmg’d it out, but misplayed next turn. Conceded at 11 hp (to his 3), but completely legit loss. 3rd attempt, won, he should’ve blocked himself with minions on the 4th turn, and he got a crap artifact.

Boss opinions:
-AI was fine
-Could have raised lethal and/or gone standard 25 hp.
-Really liked that boss started 1 mana higher.
-Too much randomness in artifacts.

Outside of boss opinions:
-It’d be nice to see a more control oriented setup.
-All bosses shouldn’t hopefully rely on artifacts.
-It could be nice to see a boss with minions/thugs or other persistent effects to player or general or general’s team (pictured all player minions or spells cost 1 more, a giant robot general who ghost lightning’s every turn, 2 kelainos/shadowdancers/priestesses in the corners, or all 7 sisters together.)

Ending on pros:
-Solid first boss
-Great artifact and artifact effect
-REALLY liked that boss had +1 mana at start
-Liked that mana orbs weren’t in this
-Liked how we started 1 space closer on both sides, really sped things up and increases pressure on player if their build or hand wasn’t well equipped enough.

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as a fresh player, I am finding this impossible with my normal deck :frowning:

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now i’m curious to try! :slight_smile:

the boss was super easy with a swarm deck. just get a bloodmoon on the field and he keeps smacking wraithlings. shadowdancer was really just to make it go faster. for a little challenge i played with a starhorn grow deck and it was a close victory. but when i tried it with my usual laddering decks i got completely rekt.

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Impossible boss for new player.

Ive tried all the starter decks multiple times. the boss starts at 4 mana and has the same cards to start every battle, same artifacts everytime. I lose everytime on the turn i have 4 or 5 mana. ive tried different apporaoches such as waiting at my side togather mana to start putting things down. ive tried full 1/2 mana minion decks for fast small attacks. nothing works.

ive only played just over a week so i dont have the resources to create a good deck yet.

please lower the difficulty. i was hoping this would let me get more orbs to catch up to the older players but at this rate it only means the strong get stronger while the weak stay weak increasing the gap.

Beat this 3rd try with vet starter deck. About to try all to see how many it takes me.

Number of times till success with starter decks:

Vet - 3
Songhai - 5
Lyonar - 4 or 5 (lost track lol)
Abyssian - 3
Magmar - …1… (Hand was good, but it dropped him to 8 after end of his 2nd turn. Seriously though. Cake walk -_-)
Vanar - Also 1… (double snowpiercer and only 1 Regalia)

Magmar Hand

[details=Vanar Hand]


Opinion after Starter Deck playthroughs:
-Regalia is insanely strong for 4 mana. With the unlikelyhood of clearing it off on an opponent who gets the opportunity to stack it, it’s insane. If a new player experienced this, it could feel pretty dumb to go against 2 Regalias (we have to keep in mind those with starter and basic cards). Allowing Calibero a unique (only 1 of each) artifact every turn would be very preferable.

@Ryvirath Because I updated. Hope this helps; was a lot of fun doing it with premade decks; really ups the difficulty for better players. :slight_smile:


I loved it, it was everything I hoped for. Fun, not too easy, new mechanic, fun stuff.

I really do wish this was a harder boss. Managed to beat him first time with both a Simcity Vet deck and a Skywing Vet deck, which are pretty bad all things considered. It was sort of underwhelming as a first boss but I can see this working just fine for beginners learning the mechanics.

If this was supposed to be a challenge, maybe we could have added more Artifacts to Caliber0’s pool? He seems to pull Ykir, Bracers and Regalia, but I was expecting some more exciting stuff (Ankhs, Spinecleavers, Dawns, etc.) Also, since he’s a massive robot and has to smack you in the face to do anything, why not give Caliber0 more starting health? 20 is laughably low. Basically what I wanted to say is pls buff caliber0’s artifact pool/starting health.

You can expect me to be back in a week to complain when the next boss is ripping me a new one, whining for a nerf.