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Boss Battle: Zoom Zoom Boom Boom Guy


Hello. Me Cindera. I like hit you very hard. Cards me use go smacky smack on your face. Cindera like lightning fast gameplay. Me even start with fire rock for faster video games.

Cindera go lightning fast too. Me go zoom zoom on board, and can be anywhere at all when it’s the turn of me.

All my stuff like hurt you too. This is stuff me use to make ouchies on your face.

Cindera BBS make ouchies too. It hit you with big fire, then make two little fires that hit and go boom boom.

Also, Cindera minions like to die while you die. All Cindera minions go boom boom when they die. Boom Boom make 2 damage ouchies on your close stuff. Make stuff together no good on Cindera too because Cindera card have Frenzy word on it.

Me only like ouchie cards. No use healing cards. Healing no fair! If you use healing, I tell on you for being big meanie! Healing opposite of smacky smack. Smacky smack fun. Healing opposite of fun. Me only like fun cards that hurt people.

If Cindera lose game, Cindera give you special Boss Battle Boom Boom Box with prizes inside. The box give you stuff to get cards. Me hope you use box to get ouchie cards only.


living the dream




Ah, this is boss is really, really aggro, I had forgotten that. Thanks for the write up, I like the character.


Man I hate all that boom boom :rage: .


Your write-ups are the best thing what came out from not having any official boss threads! :smiley:


A blessing from the heavens to be sure.


It is great if the AI misses Lethal by using Spiral Technique on Xor’Xuul instead on my face :smiley:

So there was a close moment, after that it turned around.


I’ll be honest. I dont play bosses much. When I do, go with wizardhorn, and the AI tends to let Decimus live, so you can double tec with two decimus on the board for a surefire otk


This boss is the most unfun I’ve seen yet. Ridiculous abilities, totally RNG dependent, just really, really annoying and frustrating to play against.

I really hope their aren’t any more like Cindera, the other bosses have at least been a fun challenge to work around. Here you just have “take 8-10 damage per round until you die, pray she spawns in a bad place >50% of the time or GG”.


Most of the bosses aren’t this aggressive. It’s pretty much this one and Solfist that are the most SMOrc-tastic bosses in the game.


i’ve lost count of how many times i’ve been spiraled dead by this asshat


Shadowdancer works well against that boss. Grow too because they can’t reliably destroy your Grow minions.

If anyone else has problems, here is some advice: https://duelyst.gamepedia.com/Cindera


Never stop doing these threads :smiley:

well, unless there is a thread for every boss, which will happen eventually :frowning:


Yeah, once all the bosses have come and gone, I’ll be done making these threads. I want to do one for each of the bosses. Looks like there are 37 in total, and 12 have been done so far.


It only took me 19 attempts…


Yep. :unamused:


Think it took me 2 attempts (maybe 3, wasn’t counting, math is hard). But did it with a budget swarm deck and Shadow dancer doing all the heavy lifting.


The BBS potentially hits you for 8 for 1 mana. Lovely.


Basically this boss just asks “Can you flip heads 10 times” to win.

You have to get the God opening hand, then get lucky with her teleports, then get lucky with the dervish spawn sites, then get lucky with your draws, then get lucky with her draws to have a chance. If any of those come up bad for you she just chews through everything you have and there is no way to recover.

I’ve faced her at least 30+ times at this point and most of time you are dead by turn 3.


Lilithe, Shadow Watcher and Shadow Dancer say differently. Took 2 tries to do: