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Boss Battle: Yamcha


Come on guys. You HAD to know this one was coming.

D-Fighters, assemble! Get it? Cuz…Z-fighters, just like…ok it actually sounds weird. Forget I said anything

If you’re like most people, you already know who this is. Meet Yamcha, the guy who almost beat a Saibaman that one time until he didn’t. But he vows to defeat his next opponent no matter what, and as it turns out, his next opponent is you!

Yamcha is the master of the Wolf Fang Fist by default so naturally you can expect him to use wolf-themed cards. A wolf even joins the pack every turn.
Yamcha also has Celerity because he’s eager to impress the ladies, even if it is to no avail. :sob:

You might have noticed that Yamcha’s atk rises to 6 while it’s your turn. You see, Yamcha talks a tough game, but on his turn, when push comes to shove, he shows that he’s not so tough with his puny 2 atk power level. His BBS does a puny 2 damage as well. It also stuns any minions near your general because he can’t be bothered to deal with your minions himself.

If When you defeat Yamcha, you will be rewarded with a Boss Crate. Inside, you’ll find the 7 Dragonballs, which you could use to try to help Yamcha. But let’s be real, nothing can help Yamcha.


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: ded

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At least he’s top tier in that one fighting game


Rizen does a lot of work against this boss :smiley:

Also Thunderhorn.


… As usual, this is one of those bosses that’s easily distracted by gor.

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I must say, I enjoyed this boss fight a lot! Only sad side of this, it attacks minion with 8/3 while wolf is next to it.
I wonder, dos some one program each boss behaviour?
Adding to this: maybe some knows battle pet behaviour, by experience I am guessing it chooses its target clockwise on straight (1)tiles then diagonals than (2)straight again starting from top. huh

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All about battle pets can be found here: https://duelyst.gamepedia.com/Battle_Pet

It is a general AI and it doesn’t behave too smartly but it is probably for the better :slight_smile:

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Lysian Brawlers have lion heads as fists, neat.

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