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Boss Battle - Xel!

The Xel Battle will be available on Thursday, May 17th, 2:00 PM PDT until May 22th, 2:00 PM PDT

Boss Battle: Xel

Born among the Magmar where strength was heralded as prominence, Xel took his pursuit of perfect evolution one step further as he transcended even his own kind. Feeding off the death of lesser beings, Xel sets his eyes upon you next.

It's dangerous to go alone, Sarlac the Eternal is here to help!

"Giving me minions? Isn't that an advantage?"

Xel revels at the sight of overwhelming forces. While he may look physically weak, he'll feed off every fallen combatant.

Even when facing a flood of opposition, all will be absorbed!

"That sounds like the ultimate fighter! Why do I have to go against that?"

If you can destroy Xel before he consumes the world, you will earn a free Core Spirit Orb. Wait, that doesn't sound exciting. What about a brand new Boss Crate that's free to open!? Crates have been redesigned so crack one open and see what's inside!

Are you powerful enough to take on Xel by yourself?

Duelyst Boss Xel Callout


i like the dbz reference


Time to put on our pointy hats once again everyone.

Face the might of wizard lizard, mantra master, arcanyst argeon, forcemistress faie, and caster cassyva.


Abyssian heals and just sandbag a shadow watcher after you stabilize the life gain/loss… was pretty easy. Dropped a grandmaster on his backporch to speed things up.

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You’re not helping.


I like the Zelda reference.


So the plan is playing abyss and ramping out a shadowdancer, right?

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I don’t see the zelda reference




Here it is!


Missed that, thanks


should’ve tried on first attempt…

Gargantuan Growth = SWOLAC


i need a good list for this ;__;


Pretty hard boss. I beat it by spamming kelaino and shadow dancer to keep up with the heal and than crescendo on a sarlac for 25 damage two turns after


Close call! I had to Sun Bloom the Sarlacs T1, or else I would’ve lost.


Normally, I win out bosses with flash Kolossus and wait for him to outscale the enemy. Couldn’t do that with this one. Had to win with RNG. Used Demonic Conversion and got Reaper of the 9 moons, which died and spawned Spec Rev. Also had Shadow Watcher on board as well, and the work between them did the damage.

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Normally I just throw my swarm Deathwatch deck at bosses and watch them commit suicide via Shadowdancer, but that strategy definitely didn’t pay off for this one. :stuck_out_tongue:

I ended up having to custom-make a deck for this. Still went with Deathwatch (because obviously the answer to a boss with Deathwatch is more Deathwatch) but it was an odd version with very few minions, lots of healing and a few extras thrown in.

The plan was to get one Shadowdancer on board to nullify part of the boss’s effect, and then another to turn the tide, but the actual MVP ended up being a Sworn Avenger, of all things. I plopped him in the corner, and by the time I drew my second Shadowdancer he’d already gained enough attack from the boss’s effect to one-shot it for all its remaining health.

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I might be able to help. What kind of cards you have in terms of Purples and Oranges? And How much spirit you have that you can spare?


Purples and oranges :facepalm:


I mean your Epics and Legendary Cards (I just have a little brainfart in not knowing which color corresponds to which rarity). I want to know if you have something that could serve as a reasonably good cornerstone of a deck for this boss, since it is pretty challenging.

Although I did check the Reddit thread about this topic and came across a few ideas that could work if one is having trouble:

This boss is one of the harder ones. If you are having trouble beating him, there is a (slightly cheesy) strategy:
Move both Sarlac forward 2 spaces and then forget about them. Assuming the AI hasn’t changed since the first time this boss battle came around, most of his units will stick around the 2 sarlacs while never actually killing them (since the AI realizes that killing Sarlac is bad in most situations), leaving you free to run away and develop some sort of long-range strategy.

Moving the Sarlacs forward did the trick. You have to also be far away from the enemy minions in order for them not to switch targets. I had a Sworn Avenger which did most of the work, a few Phoenix Fires and a Venom Toth dealing a few damage. I was lucky he did not dispel the Sworn Avenger.

Pretty easy with Maehv or any Abyssian TBH. Once you can outheal the damage from units dying via 2+ Shadow Sisters and/or Dancers this battle becomes pretty trivial. Deathwatcher and DFC tend to suck up the chromatic colds mid game. Had intended to go for a rush abomination victory but didn’t even need to go there. Damage from 2 shadow dancers was more than enough.
If you’re lucky enough for the AI to not use Chromatic Cold then a single first turn Deathwatcher or DFC can win pretty handily too. You’ll need a bit of healing though