Boss Battle: Xel – Duelyst


I realy dislike the bosses…insted of putting effort into a boss with good ai whichs ability makes a memedeck competetive they go for recolored idiots with op effects


You know, if it was that easy to programm an AI good enough to give an experienced human player a run for his money, then i think every game would have something like that. But i have in fact yet to see a game with such an AI. And no offense to CPG but i doubt they will be the first to invent something like that.


It’s fine that bosses have different strengths and weaknesses. I don’t mind that I had to drop my preferred boss deck because it would kill me super fast.

What I do have a problem with, however, are bosses that are so blatantly strong you must cheese them to win. This is one of them. While I suspect maybe burnhai could’ve done the trick if you get the right cards, I found very little worked against this boss.

It was clear from the get go that using minion heavy decks or even just relying on a couple of minions would not work, especially since you start with 2 free Sarlaccs just to punish you into taking a minimum of 2 damage every turn. That’s fine, I tried Healyonar anyhow, since the boss’ deathwatch effect could work to my advantage. Didn’t work. so I thought I’d try to run some solo decks. Solo Vaath did not work. Solo Faie did not work. It was abundantly clear solo Saaj would not work either (since her artifacts would break too quickly).

What ultimately won the day was getting lucky with a super meme deck. Saaj with Sinister Silhouettes buffed to have provoke and 2nd wish won the day, combined with Grove Lion to prevent the inital damage on their turn. I sat their with my fingers crossed they wouldn’t draw one of their copies of Chromatic Cold or Frostburn my Silhouette before it could get buffed enough. It took a couple tries, but it finally worked.

I much much much prefer bosses that are unique and challenging, but not that are overpowering in such a way your options are severely limited. It’s fine to want to stop me from playing a deck that is arguably broken against boss AI. It’s not fine to expect players to have access to the exact 3-5 cards needed to beat this particular boss. This is a boss that punishes you for playing duelyst, and tells you that you need to be playing a different game to win. Not cool, imo.


I kinda got lucky. Slapped a DFC on a sarlac and just waited as it grew big enough for the kill. Somehow escaped the C. Cold…baited it out with a phantasm. I guess the A.I. was more scared of it.


Agreed here. While I still disagree with @divinedevek since I believe the boss should have a clear advantage to be interesting (AI is not going to be clever enough to compete with human on equal terms), I do also believe that each boss should be beatable with a number of ladder decks. It’s not the case for this one. Options are severely limited, and it seems that no ladder deck can beat it, only the ones specifically tailored to deal with it’s effect - and all of them can’t be played on ladder.

Or did anyone beat him with a ladder deck?


I just killed him with my Midrange Vaath deck on third try. Probably would have gotten him on the first but had a disconnect -.-

Punched him with my General for 52 damage on my 6 mana turn, who cares about lifesteal xD


I’m genuinely interested in seeing this. Any chance you’d be willing to link a replay?


Wasn’t anything special, played one Drogon on my 4 Mana turn, he didn’t remove it and tried to race me instead. On 6 Mana i followed it up with second Drogon + BBS + Crypto + BBS for 52 damage in his face.


I beat him with my ladder deck. Dropped two Shadowdancers, then replaced until I had a Saberspine + Deathfire Crescendo combo. Played a couple of dispel units inbetween to thin out its herd.


The boss took many tries, but I finally got with Wild Tahr when he uses the Ash Emphty’s (spelled wrong) to attack your general. Ended up killing everyone of his minions with Tahr as well as using Flamewreath for AoE damage and Juxaposition for out of reach minions.


This boss felt even more painful than the one that cause 2 damage AOE dying wish, finally managed to beat it after plenty tries with dancers, and Kelaino. horror burster helped with getting rid of one of the sarlac. I did notice that the boss stopped sending their minion to attack once I got two dancers and a Kelaino on the field


Maybe I just got too salty too quickly, but solo Vaath did not work for me. I’d always find myself dying or on the brink right when I wanted to Drogon combo and couldn’t survive the exchange or deal enough damage to win.


Slightly adjusted healyonar did the trick for me


I wish we can have an area to replay old bosses. So much better than playing practice mode when trying out new deck strategies. I really liked the boss that teleported a few weeks ago. That was really fun. CPG please…


I didn’t say the perfect AI needed to give me a run for my money. I did say that idea wouldn’t work any better than this one with all the current bugs, like using Spiral Technique on a healing mystic or the inability to play around sarlac and sinister silhuoette. I don’t think that is asking for perfection of artificial intelligence.

Boss Battle: Archmagus Vol – Duelyst

Rancour, self heal, buffs and Grove lion did it for me. Ridiculous how easily it dies to its original sprite.


Basically the reason for my initial rage with boss battles. Since then they have changed a lot (at least they seem to) as I was able to win with my regular SC deck for a couple of months.

This boss took some thinking (and some “screw this”), but I came to conclusion that if I basically have to fight against a Shadowdancer than I have to outdance him. So I went with kinda aggressive Aby heal/steal deck (thankfully now I have cards for it):



Part of the trick, IMO, is that this boss is very passive (which can be seen on the replay when I made a mistake & moved in the range of Shadow Watcher).


the boss is very passive, it wont even attack with its minions if it isnt important. i beat it with a grow deck, just plopped down a kollosus and marched it over. 2 smacks later it was dead (though i only had 1 hp left and would have died if it used minions that DIDNT have forcefield)


This is probably the only time Corporal Cadence is good…


i hate this boss…