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Boss Battle: Xel – Duelyst

The Xel Boss Battle will be available on Tuesday, September 12th 2:00 PM PDT until Sunday, September 17th 4:00 PM PDT

Boss Battle: Xel

Born among the Magmar where strength was heralded as prominence, Xel took his pursuit of perfect evolution one step further as he transcended even his own kind. Feeding off the death of lesser beings, Xel sets his eyes upon you next. 💀 It's dangerous to go alone, Sarlac the Eternal is here to help! ![|1200x650](upload://xgIXjZTmDRpcQy9WabLChU18Vqm.png)

"Giving me minions? Isn't that an advantage?"

Xel revels at the sight of overwhelming forces. While he may look physically weak, he'll feed off every fallen combatant. Even when facing a flood of opposition, all will be absorbed! ![|632x772](upload://m6kXSOQR1qkBEvo3jR2oJkgNayt.png)

"That sounds like the ultimate fighter! Why do I have to go against that?"

If you can destroy Xel before he consumes the world, you will earn a free Core Spirit Orb. In addition to this, you'll also earn a Boss Crate, which can be opened with a key purchased from the shop for 500 Diamonds. Each Orb contains a collection of items sure to enhance your Duelyst experience! Are you powerful enough to take on Xel by yourself? ![|600x200](upload://hfPVmn6DsCEUrhFZ5eDpCJeLTja.png)

DBZ reference

also, those sarlacs are no help at all



“At the start of your turn, damage the enemy general equal to the amount of minions they own. deathwatch: restore 1 health and deal 1 damage to then enemy general.”

Yeah ok. Definitely more dangerous to be alone. :roll_eyes:


Challenge: defeat this boss with a dance of memes deck.

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Challenge: make a boss that doesn’t have to rely on crazy effects to be challenging or fun.


Well, it is a boss after all. It should rely on crazy effects.


so a shadowdancer stole the body of a rancour and somehow learned a fusion of ancestral divination and dark seed… :sweat:


CRAP! It’s a trap!

Btw, when it says restore health to enemy gen, does it restore our health or his?


So it’s either a damage sponge or you go to ladder… Cool


You called?

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at long last… a reason to play aphotic drain


Oh Xel, so you want to play it stupid ?
Ok, let’s play it stupid.

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I’d think a boss would have mastered the basics, not have cheap tricks.


I’d much rather see a boss with a unique BBS and maybe a few flavor off faction minions and play like regular. I think this would be both fun and challenging. the “boss” has a “better” BBS and the meme-y decks turned top tier as such. Think a boss with noctures effect and Lilithe’s BBS or Eight Gates as a BBS or like second wish or Hailstone. I think that would be a better as opposed to randomly teleporting frenzy and double sarlac and "At the start of your turn, damage the enemy general equal to the amount of minions they own. deathwatch: restore 1 health and deal 1 damage to then enemy general.”

And also for @alplod since apparently the boss should rely on crazy effects.

Edit: Also, reccuring as Grandmasters (Zir, Kraigon) instead of bosses would be cool. Each new expansion you cycle through the 6 grandmasters and the new decks they bring. But Boss battle do have nice recolors.


I feel like some of these more recent bosses are created just to stop people from using swarm Abyssian to take down every boss. This one seems weak to Big Abyssian (Sarlacs for ramp and Shadowdancer to counter their ability), healing Lyonar (heal-watch can trigger twice each turn for free) and anything with Rancour.


Dang healonar is harder to use -.- had to make a new boss deck

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This one has actually been super tough for me.
I think I can counteract it by building a new abyssian deck, but none of my old decks are working against it, which is a refreshing change

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Oh no, Abyssian doesn’t work?!

Better try Abyssian! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This far in, it is evident that the focus hasn’t been in that direction, so I think your idea is a good one to consider. (Not taking away from the current approach)

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I don’t doubt this, but a serious boss (Grandmaster Variax) playing a very consistent creepling deck with obliterate a regular old Abyssian tools probably could hold its own (possibly a Spiral?). Same with Embla playing something soul shatter pact and Winters Wake?

I think bosses like this could become a thing, but it would require an AI adjustment. We cant see bosses Spiral Technique a Healing mystic in this mode as it would lead to people just exploiting bugs, again and make this mode inferior to current system in difficulty for sure. Maybe the value meme plays would be enough, but as with every boss, with enough exposure, the weakness becomes obvious.

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